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OK...So I'm Weird...

Saturday, May 04, 2013

I've come to the conclusion that I'm just going to be weird for the rest of my life. I can handle that. It's not like it's something new that just happened. It's been with me for most of my life...if not all of my life. I can remember some things my mom told me I did before my memories started to stay with me...so I guess I've ALWAYS been weird!

Most of my weirdness revolves around food. Food is OK, but it's not something I really think about a lot. I mean. you have to eat it to sustain life...but other than that, it's just food!

From my earliest memories, I can remember liking certain foods...at least for a short time...and then I'd like another food. In other words, If I was in the mood for Vienna sausage, I wanted to eat it 3 times a day until I got tired of it and went on to the next adventure...like cheese. Why did I have to eat a lot of different foods when I had found something that satisfied my hunger?

My mom told me about my bologna phase...and evidently I've had quite enough of that, since I've never even considered it as food for consumption again! The ones I can remember, besides Vienna sausage and cheese are: Spam, potted meat, deviled ham, tuna and Braunschweiger.

Oh, I'd sometimes mix and match, but I basically stuck with one food for several months...or a year or two. For instance, I can remember in Junior High, getting up every morning and making a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast. Then taking a cheese sandwich for lunch, and making another grilled cheese for supper. It's not that I didn't eat other things...it's just that cheese was my go to food if I didn't like what my mom cooked for supper. And since my taste buds were so selective...that was quite often.

Now, in my adult years, I tried to branch out a little...but I always had my secret store to go to in a pinch. I can remember cooking many meals for DH that I didn't eat. Can you imagine LIKING things like vegetables, salads and soups!!! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When DD came along, I really did try to make sure she had the opportunity of learning to like all the foods that were out there, but I have to thank my mom for encouraging her to eat some things I didn't ever buy at the store. DD, I am happy to say, is a gourmand when it comes to eating and cooking. She is willing to try just about anything at least once, and usually finds she likes it. She is always trying new recipes and new foods. She even gets DH to try some of them.

As for me...well, let's just say...I've TRIED some, but I don't make that mistake very often!

Give me my plain old foods and I'm very happy.

I have grown out of the habit of eating the same thing 3 times a day, but if you look at my food tracker, you'll notice a repetition of foods from one day to the next...and you wont find any gourmet dishes on there. I very seldom eat what would be considered a 'meal'. The best I usually do as far as hot food is concerned, is toasting the bread for my sandwich.

BUT, what works for you, just doesn't work for me. I just don't like to eat like other people.

NOW, you may be wondering at this point how I got to be 272 pounds...well...there are things out there in the 'world' called sweets and salty snacks! I am still very selective about anything I put in my body, but there are enough things in those categories to fit the bill. Don't even think about offering me a beautifully decorated cake from the bakery...I'll turn you down every time. I like my sweets plain just like everything else. I have always made things from scratch, and left off all the embellishments. Plain old chocolate pound cake for this girl, thank you very much! Of course, my dark chocolate candy has to have nuts (pecans or almonds), as does my chocolate ice cream (rocky road or pecan delight). As for potato chips, they have to be flavored (sour cream and onion, sour cream and cheddar, BBQ) and aren't good without dipping them in sour cream (tofutti, since I am lactose intolerant). Now, Cheetos can be eaten right out of the bag. YUM!

So you see, it's not hard to gain weight if you really try!!! emoticon

Now comes the point in my life where I finally 'get it' and realize the weight has to come off. (Of course, I have to thank my pain management doctor for that little suggestion.) And just how am I going to do that without eating veggies and salads???

God had the answer waiting for me, before I even asked the question! I've found out through SparkPeople that I can do this while eating what I like, as long as I pay attention to the amount of calories, carbs, fats and proteins. That, along with exercise is all I need. And it must be working since I've lost 38.8 pounds since starting SP on November 14, 2012.

So you see, it's alright to be weird! You should try it sometime!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • HEYNOW22
    You are in good company here!
    1726 days ago
  • GINA180847
    I totally understand how you feel. I also like to eat the same food daily for a while till I tire of it then I go on to something new. I never really thought it was weird till I married Charlie 17 yrs. ago and if you serve him the same thing twice he says 'This AGAIN!' His mother was a chef on the Great Lakes freighters and was an outstanding cook. So as much as I loved her she was a rival for my sweetheart's love. I am used to it now and just accept that I will never measure up but oh well. Right now I am loving shrimp stir fry and I will make Charlie a beef stew for supper. Weird is just fine in my books.
    1736 days ago
    aren't we all? emoticon
    1746 days ago
    I am married to a dear man with your same tastes in food. I never really know when a "kick" is over until it begins to rot in the fridge and then I find out what is the new go-to food and we repeat the ritual. He is endeared to me because of this oddity. It is one of the reasons I love him but one I don't think I have ever told him. He also makes a very soft and low "yummy" sound in the back of his throat when he is really enjoying something. He gets embarrassed but I adore catching him doing it. I think it freaks him out how cute I think it is.
    1752 days ago
    You are doing well on the weight loss scene, awesome!
    1754 days ago
  • RUSSELL1960
    Ah, in this we differ. I can't imagine a world without vegetables and fruit. My wife and I just got an asparagus bed planted today - unfortunately we will have to wait a year to enjoy our own home grown treats. The plants will need time to get established. We also planted blackberries, raspberries, and currants, I'm glad however that you are finding a way that works for you - that's the beauty of the spark people approach.
    1754 days ago
    Glad you found what works for you! I'm weird too - I'm doing what you're doing and have a weight stall and lose very slowly ... so I guess other weird factors are in play for me. Thanks for your blog & congrats on the great weight loss!
    1755 days ago
    And what's wrong with being weird? This coming from a person who used to be able to eat Arthurs Treacher's every day for a month or so. Let me tell you, I still could do it--I love it. I don't have a lot of likes in my life--AT and potato chips, dark chocolate and peanut butter, the smooth kind. I will say that I got a little less weird after I started Spark. I went and enjoyed Arthur. Came home and looked up the nutrition--holy smoke, was I surprised!! Haven't touched it since. And I don't know what "Normal" is, so I don't know if I tried it or not! (hugs) Noel
    1756 days ago
    I am both obese and also a picky eater - just trying to learn to picky better and healthier foods instead of the unhealthy ones.
    1756 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Ramona, I loved reading your interesting blog. Unfortunately for me I'm more like your DD and eat and like almost everything. . .I don't mind having the same thing a couple of nights and do alternate about 4 dinners throughout the week. I'd probably not be in such a mess (heavy) if I was a picky eater. We all are weird in some ways as Jeannie said--I sure have my strange ways about other things. I'm so happy you're doing well losing almost 40 pounds in 6 months is admirable--good for you for consistently doing what you need to lose weight. Truthfully when I play the "Spit or Swallow" game I've noticed you don't like a lot of the foods I do, so now you've fessed up to liking what you like a whole lot emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1756 days ago
    I think we're all a little weird one way or another!! Great blog! Love, Jeannie
    1757 days ago
    emoticon weird is good!
    1757 days ago
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