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have you heard of carb cycling?

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Just a quick one this morning. Not so good with the choices yesterday, over my calories again. It's because I've been seriously considering changing my eating drastically by starting a carb cycling program with ultra low carbs. I read about it and talked to my son who is into body-building. It is the only way to actually destroy fat cells. And I have plenty!

So because I'm thinking I'm going to adopt this new plan, I gave myself permission to eat whatever I could find in the house. That's totally logical, isn't it?

I'd be happy for any feedback on this carb cycling and/or ultra low carb eating. Is it safe in the short term? What I've read is that you can't do it for longer than 6 months, but that it is really effective.

As I do more research, I commit to myself to eat sensibly, and not forget about my long term goals. And keep Sparking!
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  • ELSAT137
    Look into eating Paleo or Primal. It isn't low carb or carb cycling as others would say but it is eating meat, nuts, seeds fruits and veggies. Some camps say no grains at all - others say certain grains may be okay. You can eat tons of carbs from veggies and some fruits but not the insulin spiking bread, pasta, rice, potatoes. It is my goal to eat this way although it doesn't always happen. I know when I ate this way before Christmas I really stripped down fat!!
    1746 days ago
    There's a reason carb cycling is associated with body building. A body builder's goal is to have large, showy muscles. (He gets strong, too; but the point is the appearance of the muscles.) For the muscle to show up nicely, the body builder needs to achieve a low body fat percentage.

    The showy muscles are achieved by a cycle of bulking and cutting. In the bulking phase, the body builder gains weight, both fat and muscle. In the cutting phase, he strives to lose the fat and keep as much of the muscle as possible. The cutting phase is what sounds somewhat attractive to people trying to lose weight in general.

    I don't know much about carb cycling, but I know it's a technique used as part of the bulking and cutting cycle. I suspect it's overkill for someone who just wants to lose fat for general health purposes. Before trying an exotic technique like carb cycling, you might want to try eating more of your calories in protein to promote satiety. I find that my body is happiest if I get about 20% of my calories from protein; but the SP minimum is only 10%. So I change the minimum for my personal requirements.

    YMMV. You might find a form of carb cycling that does what you want it to do. Just be aware that it was designed for people (mostly young males) who are willing to do strange things with their diets, supplements, and sometimes steroids to achieve a goal (showy muscles) that may or may not be aligned with being fit and healthy.
    1749 days ago
  • ADZY86
    I eat low carb every day (I keep it under 50g a day). I absolutely love it. Never felt better. I've been on it strictly for the past 6 weeks, I'm so much smaller already, the weight seems to be dropping off effortless. PLUS, and the bonus for me, I'm hardly ever hungry, I'm not constantly thinking about food, I don't really restrict calories, I just eat as much as I want until I'm full (just staying in my carb range). It's fantastic. I'd recommend you check out some of the low carb living groups on here, so much advice, recipes and success stories.

    I've never tried the carb cycling thing, but I have heard good things about it. But if you can bear to just be low carb all the time, rather than cycling, I'd say that's even better and you'll feel great.

    Good luck
    1749 days ago
    Do you have a website that you looked at? I'm interested to hear more.
    1750 days ago
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