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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saturday morning and I am up so early...just stepped on scale...no movement!

In all honesty, it is a bit disappointing not to see the numbers go down after exercising and eating with nutrition in mind, not eating sugar, white flour, and artificial sweeteners. I drink 8+ glasses of water a day, am getting an average of 7000-10000 steps in a day, and exercising. I am using my FitBit, logging in my food and sleep. I am not sure how to fix my sleep (I am going to bed a bit earlier but it still says I am awake 12-18 times a night!) Although I know, and have written, that success is not only measured by the scale, it is still frustrating doing everything right and that darn number is not moving!

OK , if I am being honest here, I actually do feel better, less sluggish, less bloated, able to go up stairs without major heavy breathing. I have more energy, although when I get home after a long day at work, I am exhausted. I just reeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy want to fit into smaller clothes! I want to wear sleeveless this summer.....haven't done so in 20 years! OK, I get that if it took 20 years to do this to my body, it is going to take some time to get back into healthy shape. Knowing this does not necessarily help...I guess the longest distance isn't the distance 10,000 steps is, but the distance between my brain and my heart.

The thing is, isn't your weight loss supposed to start off great? I mean, if I wasn't exercising, not drinking water, eating junk and sugar, not eating my veggies before, and now I have changed all that, for over a month, shouldn't the weight loss, at least the first month, be really encouraging?

But, ya know, I do feel different. i do find myself being mindful of what I eat, and what I buy at the grocery store. I pass up the donuts at work, and the other day, I actually wasn't interested in them at all....I guess that's a miracle. I just wish the scale would show my effort. Others say keep with it, well I am in it and will stick with it. But, when will that darn scale start moving! I have lost a teeny weeny itsty bitsy bit of inches, but not enough to start getting out the smaller sizes.

So, as I write this, I am thinking about what one piece of advice I would give the person who wrote this...and I guess it would be to not compare myself to how fast or slow others are losing weight, forget what I see on the Biggest Loser, and keep on keeping on. Slow and steady and keep noticing the miracles. Good advice, think I'll take it. emoticon
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    Yes, we seem to all be in the same group of slow losers or no losers! Being older also is a factor as we just don't take it off like when we were in our 20's! But, I know even though I am tired, I am doing right by my body - I am giving it something it hasn't had in a long time - movement! So, I am going to keep doing what I am doing as it has only been 29 days - and in the long run, know my body and mind will thank me. You hang in there my 'Spark Buddy' - but, if you can;t, I'll hang in there for you...
    emoticon emoticon emoticon Rhoda
    1750 days ago
  • KLAROCHE1515
    I too feel your pain. I stopped drinking cokes. I was drinking 4-5 cokes a day so when I stopped doing that and stopped eating at McDonalds and quit eating pasta and started drinking (Yuck) water, I thought I would lose tons of weight. But I am struggling just to lose 1 measly lousy pound a week. Whats up with that. I eat one candy bar and I've gained 2 lbs. Arggghhhh! It is so frustrating. I also joined a gym and I walk between 1-3 miles and ride a bike 6 miles a day. And still struggling to lose the one pound. I do not know the answer to this frustration but I know that I have to keep moving on and trying because I am losing the one pound a week. I must be doing something right. My clothes are getting big on me and I am down now to a size 12/14 instead of 16/18. That is some improvement. So like you, every little bit is a little bit closer to our goal. Hopefully together we can make it. Slowly but we will make it.
    1750 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    im in the same boat -- just about a month in and not losing as quickly as i would like! but we are both making major health progress, and the weight loss will come :) i am trying to switch up my work out intensity...try that out! let me know if anything works for you.
    1751 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1751 days ago
    Yes, Please know it is better to lose slowly and not fast. I do not like the Biggest Loser for that. I do not like the way the coaches get upset with a 1 to 2 pound weight loss.

    Also, if you feel different and can tell the difference please do not judge your efforts by the scale. I have been reading a book and one thing the author said is that we are not defined by the scale. So keep doing what you are doing and the weight will eventually come off! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Please do not give up!

    HAVE A GREAT DAY! emoticon

    1751 days ago
    The biggest problem with the biggest loser is that it is unrealistic. You cannot - and doctors would advise you not - to go through what they have to do to lose that weight. It should be a slower process. With that in mind - why don't you find other ways to motivate you - or measure your progress?

    I have the same problem as you - so don't think you are alone. I am thinking of looking at other things too. The problem is - if we are exercising - there is the possibility that we have gained some muscle. So - instead I am thinking to measure myself as well as weight myself from time to time.

    Body measurements can be a useful way to track your progress. Many times you'll see a loss of inches even if the scale isn't moving. To ensure accuracy, measure in exactly the same place and under the same conditions each time. Here are some instructions and tips to help you.

    How to Take Body Measurements



    Then record your Measurements on this page


    Go that off of one of my groups - hope it helps!


    1751 days ago
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