Saturday, May 04, 2013

I'm struggling with finding appropriate rewards for my streaks. I want them to be enticing enough to work towards, but not crazy expensive right off the bat-I AM paying for a wedding here!

That being said, the streaks are helping me stay more accountable-it's fun to sit down at the end of a day and click 'yes' to a bunch of things I did. Nearly 40 days without soda-which means I'm 52 days from a teeth whitening kit! (this does double duty, as I'll have a prettier smile for my wedding too, score). And Sunday, I'll be only one day away from getting a new Vera Bradley wallet-I've logged my food for seven days. Honestly, the fitness one is the one I'm struggling most with. DJ and I bought a monthly membership to our gym in town and I haven't been in almost three weeks.

In my defense, there are good reasons. 1. We're moving to a bigger house (we're renting a townhouse!) and are trying to pack and clean our apartment.
2. The last time I went, the personal trainer/director of fitness services was a jerk. I would go to the gym and run intervals on the treadmill and then do some free weights for my arms. He had the balls to tell me, "You can't RUN your fat off. You should be doing Herbalife in addition to letting me train you." I was a little taken aback, because up until then, everyone had been so nice! I told him, nicely, that I wasn't just running; and that in my experience intervals did wonders FOR ME. Isn't that what working out is about? Finding something (or things) that work for you so that you get to enjoy the workouts? I thought it was. I then informed him that I wasn't interested in Herbalife products (nothing against anyone who chooses to use them, it's just not for me). And he was STILL pushy. *sigh* To clarify-he is NOT training me, I have no desire to work out with him, he is just the only gym employee there when I work out.

So, as I've said, getting my fitness in is a challenge, so I added a custom goal to the front of my page that lets me track how often I take the stairs at work (I work on the 4th floor of a 5th floor building). And I've also changed my goals post to reflect that.

Now to decide on decent rewards for myself! (No clue what to do).
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  • NHES220
    I am not into the supplements and bottom line weight loss is all about calories in/calories out. Working out will increase your metabolism. I have heard that you should do intervals, but not for every workout. Taking stairs is great and the packing and cleaning will burn more calories too. I would set goals for the number of workouts a week or a number of steps a day. Rewards, how about iTunes - new songs if you use an iPod or something like that. Or a night at the movies - your choice. Good luck!
    1783 days ago
    Wow. Is there a gym in your area that DOESN'T base its trainers' pay on how many "supplements" they sell? That's the ONLY reason that guy would dare say something like that -- and it makes me suspect his training and professionalism. An ethical personal trainer would never suggest supplements or weight loss pills; they'd leave that to a dietician/ doctor. That's a big red flag that the trainer doesn't have the education he should have, to me.

    Remember: all that lifting and moving and cleaning burns calories, too! So don't freak out about fitness. Yes, it's absolutely an important habit to build, but you also have to live your life, too. Keep up your good dietary habits and stay moderately active through the day, and you'll maintain your fitness even while away from the gym.
    1784 days ago
    They don't have to be things you buy-it could be that you just get some alone time, or your fiancee does something for you?
    1784 days ago
    You are right..., exercise should be about what you enjoy and what works for you. Kudos to you for going to the gym and trying to take better care of yourself. It sounds like that trainer just wanted to sell his product. Hopefully there are other trainers at your gym who will help support you in reaching your goals. I know it's tough to find rewards that don't cost a lot of money. Could it be a fun goal like time spent doing a favorite activity? I love to read, but I don't have time to do a lot of reading, so for me a reward would be time spent relaxing with a good book. emoticon
    1784 days ago
  • 1935MARY
    Stairs are good exercise, so is packing, moving boxes and things also cleaning. I looked up calories that these things burn plus other things. Went to four different sights to see how close they were. Wrote them down and put them in my tracker . You want believe how many some of these things burn up. For the gym if you are using a trainer I would ask for someone else and let them know the things you want to do. After all you are the one paying for it. They are not paying you for coming. Have a great day.
    1784 days ago
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