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Saturday, May 04, 2013

....and I keep falling asleep before writing it.

What did you think, I was going to come out with some huge confession, or something? No such thing going on in my boring life. I went to the library and got a haircut today, that's about all the excitement I had today. Oh, and I went to the gym, which was pretty much deserted at 6 PM. Too nice outside and the usual denizens were out playing somewhere else, perhaps?

The visit to the gym is a re-new and re-different thing. I kind of took the month of April off. I kind of managed to gain ten pounds between the start-ish of March and the end-ish of April. Which is to say, in about 7 weeks. I've got reasons/excuses/justifications
/rationalization for all that, but they're probably mostly garbage. But I'm gonna give you the cliff notes version, anyway.

New job, phase one was March 10-31st-ish. Traveling, living from hotel, 10 hour days, learning stuff, but not real work. The change threw me, eating out every day messed with me, blah blah blah.

New job phase 2 was the month of April. Actually doing what I was hired on to do. 10 hour days, of actual effort. Tired at the end of it. Going home on the weekends, and spending time at my brother's house, playing with the nephew, away from the gym.

Health stuff - didn't have any issue with my teeth prior to April 12th. Went to the dentist. I'd moved, so I needed to visit a new dentist, grabbed one off a list of people who take my insurance. Somewhat random, picked the first one on the list, but hey, I loved my last dentist, and I went to her because I happened to see her awning next door as I came out of the post office one day. Randomnosity for the win in that case. So, new guy (husband and wife outfit, really, but the wife doesn't have patients on Fridays, apparently), first appt made for x rays, filling out forms, say hi to the new guy. I go, and someone cancels in the next slot, do I want to just get a cleaning done? Sure, why not. You have a couple cavities, and we have time, do you just want to go ahead and get those filled? Sure, why not, saves me a trip back.

I didn't have any issues before going to the dentist. The last three weeks, I've had issues with a couple of teeth. Care to guess which ones?

Ok, so one might just be a little bit of that tooth getting used to having a hole in it, filled or not. The other one is an issue, no doubt about it. I actually went back last week, because it had been two weeks of misery (hypersensitivity to hot and cold, leading to massive headaches, some which felt like a raptor's claw just diving into the soft part of the skull below the left temple. The guy checked the filling, and saw nothing wrong with it.

The past week, hasn't been as bad, tooth wise, but the headaches that have been a daily companion have continued. Add that in to the work thing, and I've been less than enthusiastic about wandering down to the hotel's fitness room after getting back from work and grabbing a bite to eat. It let up a little bit on Wednesday, but maybe that was just the beer speaking -- I had a couple at bar trivia, before heading over to the hotel. Not sure why, but I felt it necessary to go down and do some semblance of exercise. Ended up spending an hour down there, mostly because I was watching Mexican soccer, on a channel not available up in my room. And then today as well, felt like going to the gym. So maybe I'm turning a corner. The tooth issues have abated somewhat this week, although certainly not gone away. The reason I/m scribbling all this out right now is that 20 minutes ago, I was about to go to bed, but I grabbed a glass of water, unthinkingly. The unthinking part was in the fact that it was a cold glass of water. Cold glass of water hit sensitive tooth, and cause shooting pains to jump up into my skull, and from edge of sleep, I was totally effing awake. But not writing this out has made me sleepy again (although I still have the headache). At least it hasn't been of the severity that keeps you from falling asleep for over a week now.

/end rant and ramble
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    1779 days ago
    Go back to the dentist!! You shouldn't be in that much pain. if he still is like "EH, I don't see anything wrong!" and doesn't seem at all concerned that you're having enough pain you 1) can't eat or drink normally and 2) HAVE HEADACHES EVERY SINGLE DAY, he's a crappy dentist. CRAP DENTIST! Find someone else to look at it.
    1779 days ago
    Moving, new job, new routine, travel . . . all stressors for sure! Things will settle in.

    And definitely hope that your mouth feels better!

    1781 days ago
    emoticon And take care of that tooth.
    1781 days ago
  • BOSS61
    Looks like life has thrown you curve balls and change-ups. Time to step back into the batters box and dig in!
    1781 days ago
    we've all been there.... just keep on keeping on, Get some rest and take care of yourself.
    1781 days ago
    1781 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear about the weight gain and the tooth stuff, that definitely isn't fun :( I can totally understand that living out of a hotel can make you lose your focus for this healthy lifestyle stuff. Any drastic change like that can send people for a loop, so I totally get it. But I know you will get back to it, one step at a time... we are doing that together, one step, one day at a time. We will get there. :)
    1781 days ago
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