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258 - food allergy testing

Friday, May 03, 2013

Will in an attempt to procreate, I've pretty much tried everything and most recently, I got back some results from food allergy testing. I wasn't really that the charts for: gluten, wheat and dairy. Caught off guard that I'm off the charts for eggs and garlic, too. So weird! So that only solidified the fact that I shouldn't be eating carbs, lol. I knew that! doctor really wants my diet balanced so that my body can get healthy and focus on holding on to a baby instead of fighting off the foods I'm eating. Well, I get paid in a few days, so I'll do some pretty serious shopping. Until then, I'm doing my best. Today I had a hot dog for breakfast and lunch (no buns) and pistachios as a snack. Dinner is chicken. Not surprisingly, I didn't have the mid-afternoon slump and I'm not ravenous throughout the day, or when I get home from work.

Poor Shandi (my boxer) has had a sore on the back of one of her hind legs for about 2 weeks. It'll bleed, I'll bandage'll get better...then open up again. Today, though, I noticed that an actual vessel was lacerated! My poor baby! So I ligated it and bandaged her leg. I still don't know how it happened, but there it is! She's such a good girl. She just lay there while I fixed her up. I even took a little tumor off of her with just a local block because she's so good and lies still. She's such a good girl :)

Bruce (my deaf kitty) is such a sweetie. He's white but brown now because the poor little guy fell behind the water heater yesterday and it wasn't until we got home that we could lift him out from behind it, he was stuck!!! Poor guy, what a sad meow he had when he saw that I was in the room (not that he can hear me moving around). He's always so happy to see me come home and now he's just sitting in the window, so content!

My other furry kiddos are also doing fine. Shula and Wall-E rarely come in except to eat...Wall-E is social about once a year and Shula is just a B of a cat, lol! Blue is a love and he and Shandi love coming to work with me. No walk today, though, didn't get a lunch break...

I can't wait for my appointment with the reproductive specialist on June 5!!! I hope we can get some help and get our take-home baby!

An acquaintance of mine just lost her twins...around 5-6 months along. What a nightmare. I am so thankful all of my losses have been early. I can't even imagine. She went to the doctor a week ago feeling off and a wetness...they sent her home telling her she must have peed a little. Ultrasound looked ok. A week later, her water broke completely in the shower and she was induced. One of the twins was born alive and she got to hold him/her for about 30 minutes before he/she died in her arms. What a nightmare. They tried for 4 years before getting pregnant, having an early miscarriage and then getting pregnant with the twins. I'll take my struggles any day over such a late loss :( I hope she finds a way to try again :(
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    I have wanted to have some food allergy testing to confirm the doctor's suspicions that I have gluten problems but I'm almost afraid to get the results. I'm so picky and I hate lots of foods, most of which are unhealthy anyway, that I dread having the healthy food I like taken away from me. I have no idea what I would eat for breakfast if I can't have eggs. I'm not like other people who can get up in the morning and eat chili. I don't want to end up like so many people I know who are having to eat the same thing 3 times a day. It takes the joy out of eating.

    Poor little Shandi and Bruce. They are so fortunate to have you to look after them.

    I had my miscarriage very early too. I would hate to have one after 5-6 months! My son was a preemie as my bag of waters started to leak. Nothing you can do about it. We were lucky they were able to stave off delivery until they could get his lungs okay. Amazingly his apgars were excellent and he was the biggest preemie my specialist at Barnes delivered all week.
    1244 days ago
    Ooh my god! That sounds like such a nightmare. I hope she is able to try again as well. My cousin lost a baby at birth and she never didn't try again, it's been 10 yrs at least. I feel like she has pretty resentful of her sister who had 2 kids with no problems. They don't speak at all. Her sister even offered to carry a baby for her. That story about your kitty falling into water heater was so sad!! Good thing you guys got home fast to rescue him! Your welcome to come over and cut some skin tags off my dogs lol I don't think they would be as good as Shandi though. They act like your trying to murder them from pd's.
    1245 days ago
    Hi Again,
    I just went back and read a bunch of your 2013 blogs. I wish I could wave a magic wand and give you everything you want! Of course, I don't have that power. I think you are going to find a way to get to a healthy weight. I think you are going to keep persisting on the baby path and succeed. None of this is easy. But I saw many times when you were counting your blessings. You do have a lot of good things in your life. Noticing those good things is life affirming and ultimately good for your health and well being. So you are doing that right!

    I don't know if I ever told you this, but my cousin had her beautiful daughter at the age of 52. The baby was fine and she is now 12 years old. It is not even CLOSE to too late. You can do this.
    1245 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2013 1:38:38 PM
    Dear Eddy,
    I am glad you are trying to work on every avenue to have a baby. You sound like you have a good attitude, but I know that it is hard to keep a good attitude when things are not going well.

    With the stroke I had to my optic nerve, and knowing now that the vision loss is going to be permanent, I am still focusing on everything that is good about the situation. But sometimes I get really tired of people telling me that I have a good attitude. Sometimes I just want to have a BAD attitude. So if you ever need to do that temporarily, I'll still admire you!

    Good luck at your upcoming appointment! I will keep holding a good thought for a positive outcome for you!!!!!

    Love, Judi emoticon
    1245 days ago
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