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Kicking and Screaming

Friday, May 03, 2013

The last couple days have been, well difficult. I have had to coach myself through everything. Okay so truthfully I have had to more than "coach" myself! lol

It is only the 3rd of the month, the 3rd day of my fresh start and I am already kicking and screaming through the day! I have had to push myself to get up and get dressed. I have had to REALLY push myself to get my exercise done. I have had to chug water before going to bed to get it done. The water hasn't been too bad but still there is a bit of pushing being done to get it in.

I have been getting much resistance from my mind and body that I am putting in double time to stick with it. I am not giving up! I am just getting serious.

Yesterday when I was doing my exercise, I had to tell myself that I just had ___ minutes left. I just keep changing the number of minutes until I got my minutes done. One would think that 10 minutes would be easy but I have had to really push to get them done.

Wednesday and Thursday I was out running around with my girls. I was glad to be out and walking around but this extra weight sure wasn't making it easy. I had to keep telling myself that I could do it. Yes I had to lean on the cart from time to time or stop for a rest but I kept pushing.

Tomorrow we are taking Marlie to the zoo. I know there will be lots of walking and I am looking forward to it. I also know that I will have to really push myself through the zoo. It would be easy to just sit and let everyone else walk around but I am determined to check out the zoo and see my GD's face when she sees all the animals.

I did the SparkCoach lesson yesterday and it had me look at some tips for weight loss. I came across one that suggested making your weight loss journey like your job. That was a reminder of where I was early in my journey last year. I heard a vlog by Lynn_Loves_Life that talked about making your journey your J.O.B. (Journey Onward to a Better me). I had decided then that I did need to make this my job/business. I looked back in my journal and sure enough, I saw my plan and what I was doing back then. I was very serious and successful. What happened to that plan? I guess I went on vacation and then didn't go back!

Vacation is over and now it is back to business. I have had a business meeting with myself and I am going to be at work every day. So today, I have been getting things done and not falling for the call of food. I am getting my exercise done, I am dressed and moving around. I am starting a bit late on my water but I will get my 10 glasses in before too long.

I remember that I wouldn't do anything or go anywhere without getting my work done first. I have got to have that attitude again. It is too easy to just say "oh I will just get it done later" and then not do it at all. Later would turn into tomorrow and then tomorrow may or may not show up! No more, I will get up and get the exercise done first thing in the morning so that I know that it is done for the day. If I do any other exercise, that is just extra.

I spent some time reading SP articles. I read some that were suggested in the SparkCoach lesson. Some were things I had heard before but they were needed reminders. I think that some times we get to the place that we ignore some of the information out there for us because we have heard it before. We should read it again from time to time because they are good reminders and lots of times for me, they come just at the right time to snap us back on track or keep us from falling off track.

I also posted in some of the teams that I hadn't visited in a while. I know that when I am involved in my teams, I get good ideas, encouragement and support. We seem to run away when we get off track instead of reaching out to our teammates. Those are the people who have been or are right where you are. Those are the people who will understand and help you get back on track. Don't run, reach out and ask for support. Not sure what to say or how to ask for support? Go to your favorite team/s and in the huddle select the "I need support" button. That will let your teammates know that you need support.

Let's stop running! Let's start reaching out for support! Let's make getting healthy our JOB! We have business to attend to! Let's do it! No more vacation!

Much love!
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  • JUDY106
    Susan, you are right on it!!! I loved the statement about, J.O. B. I couldn't work because of my health, which had a lot to do with my weight. So, when I started doing my Life Style change I told people in my exercise that getting healthy was my job now. Love the statement, "Journey Onward to a Better me." I wrote it down so i can read it every morning before I get ready for the exercise class. I love reading your blogs. You can use words that has so much encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing. You are going to get this Life Style change toward a healthier you deep in you blood. (LOL) emoticon emoticon emoticon Judy
    1776 days ago
  • STR458
    1778 days ago
    You got this lady and we are all here to help! I know how difficult it can be and I sometimes wish I could hire people to workout, cook, clean, raise kids, work, etc etc for me. LOL. Love ya lady and you know where to find me if you need someone to talk you out of bed HA. emoticon emoticon
    1779 days ago
    U just keep it all rough patches in life u will get through this. Many blessings...u can do this!
    1779 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1779 days ago
    Susan, you can do this! Making it your JOB sounds like a great way to handle some of your inner objections. If your boss at work asked you to spend 10 minutes on a project, I doubt you'd tell her no.
    1780 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1780 days ago
    1780 days ago
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    1780 days ago
  • POPSY190
    I love the idea of J.O..B. And the active involvement with SP helps enormously too. Good luck!
    1780 days ago
    great read
    1780 days ago
    Great blog. You can do it.
    1780 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1780 days ago
    You can do it! Keep it up!
    1780 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1780 days ago
    1780 days ago
    Thank you so much this was just what I needed emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1780 days ago
    I am guilty of doing the same thing.
    Sometimes I just hate sounding negative.
    Glad you're sounding upbeat and ready to keep it moving with your dear Sparkfriends.
    1780 days ago
    One of the things that helped me in my journey was to figure out what I was going to eat ahead of time. Not too far, but just have a few basic things to depend on. It gave me focus, and I didn't worry about what I was going to eat. For lunch I almost always have 2 mini light laughing cow cheeses, a Kashi protein bar, 1 cup of baby carrots and a large apple. It's all things I really enjoy. I get crunchy, chewy, and there's even alittle bit of chocolate in the Kashi bar. It's satisfying for me. I think that's crucial. You have to figure out what will work for YOU. I also learned from my Mom to vary what you have. She'd have a couple of favorite things she liked to eat for breakfast, and she'd rotate them and have something different for breakfast every day of the week, all well within her dietary restrictions and all things she liked to eat. Oatmeal, a PB and banana sandwich, 2 eggs and an english nothing, a smoothie, cereal...I like to make up a "creamsicle smmothie" for breakfast. Again, it's what works for you and what you like. If it's good for you, and you like it, you'll stick with it!
    1780 days ago
    You are amazing! Trying to do this when we don't want to do this is the HARDEST, but you are letting yourself know what NEEDS to be done. I have been there "7 minutes, then I'm done exercising, 6 1/2 minutes..." LOL, but whatever gets the job done is good enough! :) That day will come when we aren't counting the seconds til we can stop exercising, but until then it looks like you have this under control. emoticon
    1780 days ago
    Sue, Rome wasn't built in a day and it took many years to build us, and we didn't do such a great job, did we. I know we both have great interiors, but our exteriors need a lot of help. Maybe you are trying to change too many things at one time. Maybe you should do one change until you get that down pat, then move on to the next change. It's just a suggestion, but that's what I have to do. I get too overwhelmed trying to do a lot of different things at one time. And if you continue to do all three things every day, I'm right behind you, praying for you and helping you push! (hugs) Noel

    1780 days ago
    You are not alone but being on Spark shows us what is necessary to get started & not give up.

    God bless,

    1780 days ago
    Thank you so much for your blog, I really needed this today. I've been having a hard time with keeping motivation for very long. Thanks so much for putting your feelings into words! Hugs...Robin
    1780 days ago
  • KITT52
    there are times like this for all of us.....I have been on this journey fro over 7 years now and still some days are so hard....sometimes I just cry....I scream....I kick....but when thats all over I remember how far I have come and how hard it was .....and ask for some extra hugs from family and friends....

    hang in there, it will get better...positive self talk can help get you over this rough stop...

    have a healthy week end
    1780 days ago
    1780 days ago
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