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Weigh Day - Week 111

Friday, May 03, 2013

Bread Experiment = So far, so good. My energy levels are still pretty low, but I remain hopeful. I'm reading "Wheat Belly" and am really considering giving up all wheat products.

Nutrition = This past weekend was a mixture of bad and good. I did my best not to overeat, but I did anyway. This week hasn't been too bad at all though

Water Intake = Excellent, didn't drink enough on Monday though.

Exercise = Very good! I'm proud of myself!

1). After Zumba last Saturday, a lady ran up behind me saying, "I couldn't see the instructor so I watched you, you dance so beautifully! I just wanted to tell you that!" So nice right? Even when I felt like I couldn't make it through the class because I was so tired, her compliment made my day.

2). During Zumba on Tuesday night, our instructor asked if anyone had lost any weight. I quietly raised my hand, told how much and the entire class clapped for me. It was so nice and it felt good.

3). I did almost 500 (465 to be exact) minutes of cardio last month which is something I never thought I would possibly do. I'm going to do my best to do 500 this month, time permitting.

4). One of my best friends was blown away by my appearance at coffee last night. "You look SO good!" I hadn't seen her in a few months (since December or so), so it was certainly nice to hear.

5). I now love artichokes and brussel sprouts. Discovering new veggies ROCKS!

6). Going to wear my Mother's size 10 skirt to my performance on Monday night. Looks great!

Additional Notes:
I really don't think I'm going to get to 170 with things going the way they are. There's just no way. I haven't given up mind you, but I want to be realisitic. I'd rather be a fit 196 any day!

3rd weekend of shows coming up, wish us luck!

Starting: 285lbs
Week Ninety-Five: 187lbs
Week Ninety-Six: 187lbs
Week Ninety-Seven: 187lbs
Week Ninety-Eight: 188lbs
Week Ninety-Nine: 188lbs
Week One Hundred: 190lbs
Week One Hundred One: 189lbs
Week One Hundred Two: 193lbs
Week One Hundred Three: 192lbs
Week One Hundred Four: Disturbing Weigh In
Week One Hundred Five: 193.2lbs
Week One Hundred Six: 193.4lbs
Week One Hundred Seven: 196.4
Week One Hundred Eight: TOM
Week One Hundred Nine: 194.6
Week One Hundred Ten: 196.4
Week One Hundred Eleven: 196.6

Romans 8: 7 "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us."
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