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what??!!! i have high cholesterol???!!

Friday, May 03, 2013

I had to get blood work done in order to start taking the B12-Lyprosene shots and I got the results back yesterday prior to me seeing the daughter. The last time I got my blood drawn was a year ago in preparation for LapBand surgery which I elected NOT to do in favor of trying weight loss the good ol' fashion way. That blood draw not only showed that my cholesterol was high, but that my triglycerides were pretty high. So when the nurse handed me my results yesterday, I immediately noticed that my cholesterol levels were abnormally high. I was like, "what the hell??!!"

The doctor comes in and he immediately goes over my results. The first thing he says, "Ok, everything looks good." To which I reply, "Uhm, everything except the cholesterol. That bothers me." He explains a couple of things to me:

1. My HDL Cholesterol was abnormally high. That is great. That is the good cholesterol. They want that number to be 56 for my age. Mine was 77. He said that was amazing especially since I hadn't fasted.

2. Speaking of fasting. My bad cholesterol (LDL) was borderline and he thought that was pretty good since I had my blood drawn later in the day after already eaten two meals.

So basically, my cholesterol is high - the good stuff. I don't know how I got it there or what to do to keep it there because this is the stuff that squashes the LDL and makes me less prone to stroke and heart disease. I wasn't too impressed with some of my unrelated numbers. My Body Fat percentage is 38%. Not cool. My BMI is a 33. Even more uncool. I am hoping that by my birthday (Fourth of July emoticon ) I am able to reduce my Body Fat and BMI closer to 30%.

The last we spoke, I told you all I was up 5 pounds. I got on the scale this morning and 3 of those pounds were gone. I am trying to be good to get rid of those other 2 and maybe even 2 more.

Love you guys and have a fun weekend! Don't forget to sweat!
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