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Day 8

Friday, May 03, 2013

The scale is still being all kinds of shady. Here's my morning routine. Get up, pee and weigh. So today I weighed at 160.4. Then I brush my teeth and weigh again because the number is always different the second time. So this morning weight number 2 was 161.4. That's a whole lb fluctuation in like 5 minutes folks. And then I weigh like 5 more times in a row just to see if it changes at all which it doesn't. And it didn't. So 161.4 is what I get today I suppose. This is probably all in my head but I feel like every time I get down close to a new tenths digit, my weight plateaus for a little while. Maybe it's just cuz I want to see that number so bad that I'm so impatient but I feel like its more than that. Anyone else notice that?

Besides that, I'm just fighting through the mental battle. The cravings are pretty strong. I've definitely had a few moments where I wanted to just flake out but so far I've resisted. I'm looking at everyday I last as a victory. It's pretty against my nature to do anything that requires discipline. I'm still obsessing about what comes next. I keep reading blogs and posts online and most people talk about eating raw after. Well I'm ok with transitioning off slowly with raw food and I definitely want to eat clean, unprocessed, plant strong but I also want to be able to eat pizza on occasion too. I'm still craving all the bad stuff and having trouble imagining life without it. And I guess that's what scares me. I hope I can conquer moderation.

My face is breaking out. I only normally break out during my period which I just finished. I hope it's a sign of detoxing. My throat is still really swollen and uncomfortable. I think it's blistering but I don't have a sore throat. Just the swelling. I can't even begin to describe how aggravating it is. I'm considering going to urgent care no getting some steroids. I can't get any relief from it. But I don't know how that would affect the juice fasting or if it would even be safe to juice fast so I'm trying to deal with it but I feel like just ripping my throat out. That would probably solve my weight problems too. My daughter is pretty sick. Her fever was worse this morning than yesterday so I'm probably fighting off whatever she's got. It's rainy and cold here. I still haven't started any kind of exercise but I think I'm just gonna spend the evening snuggling with my little girl and trying to pretend I don't have a throat.

I think tomorrow and Sunday I might try to do without my morning smoothie I've still been having and also pay attention to how many ounces I'm drinking and see if that makes a difference.

My 10 year wedding anniversary is 2 weeks from today. I have to stay motivated.

Happy weekend guys!
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    emoticon Today I tried out 4 recipes from the reboot website. WOW, they taste yummy. I love the orange carrot combo.

    I hope you get well soon. emoticon
    1628 days ago
    Ugh that's horrible! I hope you feel better soon. I agree with Ven on trying some warm teas (like ginger?) for your throat too. It's making my throat hurt thinking about it.

    Keep up posted okay and I'm a week into this with you, so....I've got your back. Totally get what you mean by each day is a victory.
    1629 days ago
    Sorry you are not feeling well.
    Your health is more important. Maybe you should go and get checked out and if you need to go on meds stop the fast, get better and then go back on the fast.
    Are you drinking too many cold juices? You might want to drink warmer drinks.Also try some chamomile it will soothe your throat. But again, if you are really suffering, get your self well first. You can juice fast anytime you want.

    Ahh the scale. Always take the lowest number :) that is the way I do it at least. are not feeling well so your body is probably holding on to the liquids. Once you feel better you should be able to release more. My scale stalls when period arrives and when ovulation starts (approximately 2 weeks after period) and holds on to some water too. Don't forget too, you are much closer to your goal, and that can affect your weight loss.

    You are not the only one that struggles with the idea of not eating favorite foods ever again. I think once you are at goal and your body is working the right way you will be able to enjoy the foods you always loved. But by the time you get to your 60 days, I think your perception and your taste buds will have changed and you won't care about those foods anymore. Also there are ways to make healthier versions of old favorites. And I am not talking about the calorie intake. If you eat too many calories and you work them out you will be fine. But I am talking about the ingredients that triggered your body to not work efficiently. The ones that make you think obsessively about the next cookie, slice of pizza, scoop of ice cream. Don't worry about it now- cross that bridge when you get to it.

    Take it easy on yourself. Again I believe that you are doing an awesome job with not feeling good and having a family to take care of. Make some veggie broth and drink that tonight to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. It helps -trust me :D emoticon emoticon
    1629 days ago
    emoticon Sounds like you're sick Nikki. I'm so sorry. Have you tried taking regular aspirin or a throat spray? I hope you and your daughter both feel better soon. As far as what comes next, I'm sure you'll figure something out. I thought you were suppose to do broths and soups for a day or two, to ease your body back into digesting whole foods??
    1629 days ago
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