Super Friday

Friday, May 03, 2013

What a great day so far. Had a good walk with allie, put her on a long rope and let her run and called she did pretty good at come. granted I had treats LOL

Dd and I went over to visit Thomas and Eva and mama. OMG they are so funny. He is so all boy, run at full tilt, jump fast, and then bang into wall and get bloody nose fast too. He cried for a bit then didnt' want to let her put the cloth on to stop the blood wanted to go hide as that is what he was up to. Eva is starting to talk, and was friendly and smiley today with both lisa and I. About 5 mins into the visit Thomas stops says Nana wheres pepe? He looks out says wheres your car.. I had parked across the road. Then he says is pepe in car... I said oh pepe had to stay home and dig. OHHHHHHHHH hmmm too bad, pepe needs to come play. So told hubby so that perhaps he will go over more often! lol

He is out digging right nowi am hoping that the new supplement that is for arthritis pain has gotten into my system now cos this is day 2 of minimal pain! still move jilty and such but not as sore. cost.
So now to go check that dad wants nothing else and then get ready to pick up dd in a bit as she wants to go to costco too.

HUGS all wish all my sp friends were having as little pain as I today!
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