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The incredible shrinking bra size

Friday, May 03, 2013

If I were small chested to begin with, finding a bra would be no issue. Every store carries the most popular sizes up to a DD and if you're lucky up to a DDD. If you're larger than that, good luck, no store has anything bigger on the shelf, but they'll order it for you!

The problem with this is that in order to find the bra that fits right, you need to try them on and yes, they'll allow you to try them on in the store.

That is where the problem lies. I tried a bunch on a few months ago and found the one that fit just right for me. Then I lost weight again. The size I actually need is not carried in stores again. The cup size has not changed since I got the last bra, but the band size did. The last bra I got was the smallest band they carry for the cup size I need and since the store in which I bought the last bra no longer exists I have to try on bras again. I was so happy not to have to order a bra and just pick one off the shelf that fit! I am now one of those women wearing the wrong size bra again as most women are. Most women need to go down a band size and up a cup size because we're all in denial of our body shape.

For the majority of bras I should be in a 34 F, right now I have a 36 DDD that fits just right (in some areas DDD and F are the same thing, but some stores make it different). The problem is that the bra that I'm in is starting to be loose around the band again and is riding up again because where you measure for the band (right under the bust) lost 2 inches since the last bra. I refuse to pay $40 each for new bras when I just got some less than 6 months ago and that was only because the 40 F's were way too big. Stores do NOT carry a 34 anything over a DD. I have few options to even get that size on the internet, plus I hate not being able to try on a bra because they all fit differently!

If only the cup size would go down so I could buy bras off the shelf at any store, then I'd be a happy woman. I don't understand the women that think they need to have bigger chests. This only goes to having many issues. There are back problems, especially with the wrong bra size. There are gravity issues. I was perky when I was 20 and a D, but I had kids and breastfed and since I can not for the life of me find a comfortable bra, go without one at home all the time. They get in the way, did you watch the Simpson's episode where Marge accidentally got a boob job? She couldn't open the pantry or pick up her child right, well as much as busty women get around that, I still wonder where to put them when we're at a high table... Plus, good luck finding a bra!

I hope that with the last 25 pounds, I will lose the bust size so I can work with what is offered instead of having to find someone who makes the bra. That is why I hate bra shopping, no one carries the size I should really be wearing, no wonder so many women don't wear the right size when the stores don't carry the options needed. I hate being part of the curvy women shapes, especially now that I'm not in plus size clothes because the people who design clothes do not design them for a WOMAN'S SHAPE! They all design for early teen shapes. The most comfortable bra I ever owned was a strapless one from Fredrick's of Hollywood that was a 38 DD. Hopefully I'll be able to find something comfortable again.

Button up blouses... that's another problem.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My sympathy to you. I completely understand. Just try finding a 32D without an underwire. Store i bought from last time has to special order and no longer has the same style. Grr!
    1572 days ago
    My aim is to be able to wear lovely underware. However, I hate shopping for bras. Each store measuring service makes me a different size - some are wildly different or I am the "wrong shape" to wear something I like. I usually end up more confused.
    1572 days ago
    My mom goes through the same issues, she is big chested as well. And can never get the right size because she cannot afford to. She just suffers with close too. I think if they want to promote health so darn much, especially bra's, well they should carry all sizes in the store. Hope it gets easier for you, I'm just thankful I'm only a C cup, but when I weighed more the stores I liked often didn't have the larger number with a C they would start at a minimum a D. LOL! So it is terrible on both ends. *HUGS*
    1572 days ago
  • CHERYLA2012
    Let me join with you in the singing the incredible shrinking bra size song. emoticon

    1572 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I found that sports bra's are some of the most comfortable bra's out there. It is all I wear these days. I hate the straps digging into my arms with the others and the underwire always dug into my side. It is a tough thing to find a comfortable bra. The things women have to put up with! emoticon emoticon
    1572 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Since it is only the band, why not take in each side one inch so it will fit?

    I do this all the time with my 48 DD. When my weight decreased, I folded over
    each side and hand stitched it, making it smaller. Gained weight, let it out.
    Saves a lot of aggravation if you can do that.
    Just an idea. I have industrial strength bras so they take
    well to modifying.
    I got them at JC Penneys years and years ago, like 15 years ago?
    It sure works for me unless some drastic changes happen.
    1572 days ago
    Oh, I can SOOOO relate.!!!! I have managed to find some good ones by taking a chance and ordering online, but I paid dearly for them (and some others that I paid dearly for didn't work all that well.) The problem, then, becomes that when you wear out those few that have worked well, and go to order them ago, they no longer make that particular model!
    1573 days ago
    Oh man, I can relate. I have no real idea what my bra size is right now and I'm resisting going shopping because I'm still not positive that things have settled down in that area for good. All I know is that my (mostly) 38C's are too big in both band and cup.

    It's kind of cool in a way, though. I was one of those who loved being pregnant and nursing my son because wow I had actual boobs finally! and for a while I was also happy they stuck around pretty well afterward. Lately they've been droopier and droopier though (TMI!), so in terms of how my chest looks on its own I'm actually happier with them smaller! It makes me feel more like I used to be. And all bras are padded now anyway, so I still look decent in my clothes.

    But anyway -- just try finding a department store bathing suit in anything but a default C cup! They all look ridiculous on me now, until I can find one of the two or three suits per store that's actually a B and looks good otherwise. And I'm so glad I've lost enough weight that I can probably get away with a 36 band, because 38B is also a bit harder than average to find. 36 is easier.

    Good luck in going from "need to order custom" to just "annoyingly difficult to find in the stores!" :)
    1573 days ago
    I always thought the stomach was the last to see the weight go or shift. I do not lose in my bra sizes, even when I was close to goal, maybe one or two inches. But right now concentrating on the belly, that is my # 1 goal.
    1573 days ago
    I am a 34 B now. I was a 36 C but, when the weight went so did my chest! Between four kids, breastfeeding and my mid 40's the girls are racing south! It is not a pretty sight for sure!

    Good luck on your search for a bra! I can only imagine the frustration as I've always been a "smaller" woman in the bust area!

    Thanks for the blog. It made me emoticon !
    1573 days ago
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