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Friday, 5/3 Results to my issues are in

Friday, May 03, 2013

Hi all,

Today was the day that I had to leave work right after I finished caring for my students because I had 2 doctor appointments. It was a busy enough day before I got to that place. It seems as if I have more and more on my plate each day with my students. I am sure trying to meet their needs, but many of them have so many needs that it is getting more and more difficult. I am very worried for the majority of my kids and their educational futures. They are such small children and deserve the best, but many aren't getting the best the world has to offer them. I am sure counting on our "Leader in Me" program to fill in some of these gaps. This program is part of the Covey program that began with the seven habits of effective people. It has potential for doing a lot of really good things for our students and I sure hope that mine can get some of the benefits as well.

Anyway, my cervical spine surgeon is the doctor who ordered my MRIs. He began our appointment by telling me that he had great news for me--my neck is fine! He said that he actually felt very proud of his work when he read the MRI report and got to see his work. That is good news that is coupled with the fact that there is only a 3% chance each year that there might be an issue with the fusion he did. Then, he said that he had other news as well. The MRI report on my shoulder shows a tear in my rotator cuff. Actually, on the report, it mentions two types of tears on the same tendon. He is referring me back to my ortho to treat my shoulder and says that he will let him tell me what I need. Well, having been in this situation with my right shoulder and a long search on the internet both came up with the likelihood that I will need surgery is pretty high. This was an easy enough procedure but it took many months for it to get better. Quite honestly, I still don't have complete full range of motion back in my right shoulder and I still have to do exercises with it to keep it moving. The good news is that I do know the source of my pain and that there is a clear reason for my pain.

One frustration that I have is that it takes me so long to convince the doctors that I have a serious issue going on that needs care. It took me months to get to the place where I had the MRI ordered and that I got the answers to my pain. This is something that I have went through multiple times and it is so unfair. I am guessing that there are many people who go to the doctors and they do not have major problems or issues when the doctors finally dig in their heels and look for the problems--but when I am hurting enough that I involve my doctors, I have always had a fairly significant problem going on. I have to wonder why my doctors don't recognize that I know about my body and that I don't complain about just anything. I guess it is some kind of medical protocol, but it sure irritates me that it takes so long and so many appointments to get to the bottom of things.

I also talked with a friend of mine who is a psychologist about the teacher I work with and her odd behaviors last Friday. He agreed that the things she said and did were indicators of a bigger problem and he suggested that I talk to someone. He said it was important that I make sure that I am concerned about the children, the district, and her well-being but he recognized signs of the "martyr" or the Messiah" syndrome in the things that she said and did. He thought I was right, that there are signs that she is overwhelmed with something and that she needs some sort of support. He told me that it is unlikely that she will recognize her needs or admit them herself. I will admit that she is "hiding" from me and that I haven't seen her all week. the only thing that helps me to know that she is still living is that she has spread her faulty story to at least two other people and involved them. I am so sorry that things are like this for her, but she needs to get some help for whatever is going on.

Anyway, this leaves me to what I need to do in the next week or two... I am cancelling my Wednesday appointments to see my ortho to follow up on this MRI information. I will be making an appointment to talk with someone about the person I work with who needs to know about how she is functioning. I have started working on my portfolio for my evaluation--taking photos of various activities and artifacts that won't fit into the binder. I am also starting my end of the year paperwork. I am gathering materials out for the professional development part of my duties next year also. I have started some major planning for work in my house this summer--painting and repairs here and there. I will be busy and busier over the next few months with a lot on my plate, but it will be good work and will be even better when it is done and I can enjoy the fruits of my efforts. For the good of the order, I am also planning to put in some time for R & R, especially with pending surgery coming my way. I do have plans for lunch with my best friend on Saturday and I am going to the Mother-Daughter banquet at our church with my friend from the fitness center next Thursday. (One of my daughters is working and the other is singing with her madrigal group at the banquet--I didn't want to go by myself, but I really wanted to go. I started checking with my friends to find a companion and my friend from the pool was able to go. She also volunteers in my classroom at least one afternoon a week, so I am honored to have her come with me.)

I don't think I ever realized what I was signing myself up for when I became the mother of eight or when I pursued my lifelong desire to be a teacher! Thank goodness it's Friday.

Gentle hugs,

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    Gentle emoticon .
    1756 days ago
    I feel very sorry for these children. I see way too many selfish people in my area who don't care about them and resent the money spent on them. They don't seem to realize that if you don't help them when they are young many of them will end up being in the system later on anyway. We can't ignore problems. They won't go away.

    My dad has rotator cuff problems on both arms. I hope they will deal with it soon.
    1756 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/4/2013 6:23:44 PM
    Glad you finally got the medical community to listen to you about that shoulder and now you have solid answers. Exciting news on the neck/spine!
    1757 days ago
  • _LINDA
    Your Doctors should know you by now they see you often enough to know you have a lot of health issues. You seem to be able to get appointments quickly enough. Isn't jumping through hoops with insurance policies part of the problem? I have heard from other Sparkers the trouble they have getting permission to do things from their insurance. Would keeping your arm in a sling help ease the pain?
    I hate that you had to cancel your ortho appointment to have to deal with this mental co worker :((
    I hope you have a restful weekend and can relax and ease some of your stress.
    I am spending four days at my Mom's, good for my relaxing and getting away from the smoke that invades my apartment, it came in so thick yesterday it made me sick. Mom could smell it on my clothes so so much for my shower I had before leaving. My back keeps waking me up, the Gabapentin only takes the edge off.the pain, not eliminates it. Moving is the only thing that truly gets rid of the pain. Doing the Zumba DVD's especially seems to give me some lasting relief. Its ironic sitting in a recliner is the only way you can sleep whereas for me my back gets painful quickly if I stay in it too long. I think though its because its too big for my small frame and doesn't fit me right. I need to find something else and get rid of this one. I saw the young beavers at the pond last night on my walk and posted a blog with photos if you have the time to stop by.
    With you my sister in pain,
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1757 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    You've got a lot going on, but it really sounds like you're on top of it and have solid plans and a great attitude about all of it. emoticon
    1757 days ago
    You got this! Be safe and strong!
    1757 days ago
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