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My little squirt is 4 months old!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

I can't believe that my munchkin is 4 months already, time sure does fly.

I have taken the new to me stroller out a couple times now. First time was just a short 6k walk, squirt fell asleep, and I enjoyed the exercise. I have taken to calling her squirt because that is what she is doing all the time. She spits like crazy and it is worse now that she has discovered that she can make noise with her mouth through her spit LOL too cute really. I think she is teething so that will explain the river of saliva constantly running from her mouth.

Today we went to the zoo! I decided since it was so nice out to walk there from our house. Yes we are that close. It took just under an hour to get there. Once I got on the pathway I got the urge to speed it up, squirt again was asleep, and I started to jog a bit. It felt great really. We got the the zoo and I had to change and feed her, but the only nursing room I know of there is in the safari area. It was so hot in there made squirt a bit upset she kept crying so I ended up heading back home. It took me a bit longer to get home because I stopped at the grocery store for bananas. I love making banana and strawberry protein shakes MMMM! In total we walked/jogged 12k, and my legs can feel it. I think I got a bit of sun too, maybe a bit too much. My chest is all red.

My swim diaper arrived yesterday too! I want to start taking her swimming to get used to it as well. I can't wait to start doing that as well.

MIL keeps trying to invite herself over this week, I don't know why because she is babysitting tomorrow anyways. Squirt was having don't put me down issues on Monday and DH texted me to tell me that his parents were coming over that day. I told him that maybe it wasn't that great of a day because I wasn't able to clean because she was being like that. When he got home, he said that maybe I should have let his mom hold her while I cleaned. I mentioned to him that his mom nitpicks about everything and that is why I clean before she comes over. He then said that "it is ok for you to trash talk her but it is ok for her to babysit" #1 I didn't ask her to babysit, he did! #2 I don't think that is trash talking when it is the truth. Besides I am still PO'd about her last visit. Telling me to not try to lose the baby weight, and to think of the baby. In fact I am still PO'd about her last babysitting session. Anyways she was calling me yesterday, she never calls me, but I think DH told her to call me since he was at work, trying to come and visit. Again I don't understand she is seeing her tomorrow, why does she need to come to our house to visit. I am thinking to nitpick about something I am apparently not doing right. I keep telling DH that I want my afternoons to go for walks and their visits always take up the entire afternoon. I am trying to find a way to tell him that I prefer his mom visits when he is home, but he is making it difficult. Because he defends her all the time, does not see it from my point of view at all. I would be ok with a visit every couple weeks and her not telling me what to do, but I know that is not going to happen.
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    She's adorable! Congrats to you for doing so much jogging! My lil' pumpkin is 5 months and I can barely muster the energy to do any exercise beyond my weekly dance class. Sorry you're having so much trouble with your MIL. Stay strong and stick up for your rights as your squirt's Mommy.
    1628 days ago
    PS... I had a great time with you on Friday!! Next time we will go out!
    Anissa is looking so healthy and happy! emoticon
    I love the new swim diaper!!!
    1628 days ago
    I think communication is a problem! You need to STOP making Byron the middle man between you and his mom. You are an ADULT. You can tell her stuff like: "Sorry, we are busy this afternoon, but you'll see Anissa tomorrow! She's very excited to see her Grandma!" LOL

    I can see it's hard for Byron to talk to his mom that way... looks like you need to speak up for yourself or you are going to feel walked all over all the time!

    You can DO IT, Girl!!! Be strong and think about your own health and sanity!!!
    1628 days ago
    She's adorable. Sorry you're having trouble with you MIL!
    1631 days ago
  • CHERIJ16
    Your little munchkin is adorable! They grow up too fast so really enjoy her while you can. Before they start walking they love to cuddle but once they feel that independence they want to go go go. I still can't believe my son is 41 and my grandsons are 17 and 20!!

    Just a little tip: Go easy on the criticism of MIL to your husband. I can point out my mom's faults and the things that bug me about her but I don't like it when my husband or someone else criticizes her. That's just human nature I think. You will all feel happier! Sometimes you may just have to tell her that your afternoon is booked, etc. emoticon
    1631 days ago
    I love her expression in the stroller pic..btw..she looks...bewildered..lol
    1631 days ago
    I am soooo glad you got out..bet you feel great now! We better face time or skype this wknd...but it's not the same..I can't skype zerbert her belly...lol
    1631 days ago
    She is beyond adorable!!!!! How do you keep from eating chunks out of her!!! Sounds like you have a great time with the stroller :)
    1631 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    oh my goodness she is a beauty!!!! and congrats on all that exercise :)
    1631 days ago
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