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Make a change, duh!

Thursday, May 02, 2013

It is funny. So often you read about how you just have to make this change, and then the weight will come off. Make this change, and this...

They don't tell you how to make the change, just that you need to make it.

I read a quote that fits this perfect. It isn't easy, but it is simple.

It is true, weight loss, it is simple. Eat better, exercise, be active, you lose weight.

What is the problem?

They still don't tell you HOW to make the food changes.

Most of us aren't here because we have a healthy relationship with food. Or at least, we might now, but it sure as heck didn't start out that way!

The other day, I read an article by a guy who "blamed" various foods for his weight loss. Because he thought they were so delicious. He said that he decided he could either a) teach himself how to get healthier with food, or b) never eat or see those things again. Since the latter seemed way less easy, he began to change his relationship with food.

It was similar to what I have been doing.

I was queen of the diets. I often said that I was making sustainable changes, but they really weren't. Well, I suppose they could have been, but it really wouldn't have been healthy. The biggest problem wasn't what I ate daily, it was what I ate when I allowed myself a "cheat day." I was an all or nothing binge eater. If I wanted ice cream, I had two giant bowls (at least) and I usually had a poor dinner and all day was that bad. I just couldn't stop with 1 of something. Every so often I hear that eater inside me. I've only been changing for well, this is my 9th week. I expect it to gradually get easier. (it already is)

When I decided to make changes, I did adopt a temporary "all or nothing" mentality. I needed to "detox" my body from the junk I had been feeding it. Like an addict.

My first time splurging was better than it used to be. I went over my calorie goals, but I didn't eat 3x the average serving for things.

The second time I ate some not great stuff, I was a little over my calorie goals, but by much less this time. Progress?

Then, little things started coming up. A celebration here, another thing there. So, I almost sat down with myself and conciously made a decision for MODERATION, CONTROL, and SMALL. I decided if I ate a small portion of something bad, and controlled myself, it would be okay. It wasn't super easy. Once I felt like the sugar monster binge eater was going to erupt from my skin and eat the cake. It didn't. I whipped that sucker down. AND I stayed in my calorie ranges. This taught me SO much. First, that I could be satisfied by smaller (more normal) portions, and second, that I could eat a little and still be on my goals!

What that taught me was that if I am eating my healthy good food most of the time 90%, and 10% of my calories comes from a not so great for me treat, AND I stay in my calorie range, then everything is okay! Sure, I don't do this every day. The other thing that I am learning is that right now, I need to space it out. I need to teach myself to eat and choose really whole, healthy good foods, not processed junk. However, I don't panic as much when the food comes around. 1) I know that I can say no to it. 2) I know I can usually have a little, and that will be enough!

Whenever I see that garbage food, I remember that someone once told me that it wouldn't be the last time I ever had whatever it was that I wanted, and that is true. I knew that. I just wish someone told the binge monster inside. It never seemed to get it.

I am teaching myself that even though a treat is okay, I prefer my body being fueled by the good stuff.

I am learning that I like the way I feel eating healthier and working out FAR better than the junk food tastes.

I like having something not super healthy no more than once a week. Because if I can go that long without eating like that, then I don't need it. (I'm learning that too!)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1785 days ago
    I really enjoy your blog. Yes most of the time you get it right!

    Mary Poppins quote - Enough is as good as a banquet.
    1785 days ago
    Our food relationship is always the hardest part of changing your lifestyle. I still have to Think Hard about what I'm eating and WHY. As it goes on it gets easier, but I believe I will have to think about my food intake the rest of my life. But that's ok because now I'll have a much longer life!! Good job!!
    1786 days ago
    1786 days ago
    emoticon Each of us have to find what works for us on this journey. I, like you, have unhealthy eating days but they are not like they used to be and I always track what I eat. so, my weight lost is gradual and I am a happy person. emoticon
    1786 days ago
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