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Why I get so tired

Thursday, May 02, 2013

This winter has been a hard one. I am one to hibernate indoors as much as possible anyhow, but the extreme weather makes me want to be indoors more. The more I'm inside, the more tired I become. Today feels like winter again, even though I'm just far north enough to have missed out on last night's snowfall. Yep, May 2nd and it snowed in places again.

I blame some of it on having a family, kids tire one out easily. Constantly going with kids who sometimes just don't remember the rules given to them can strain one. This is especially true when the parents can't go out without them because they can't pay a babysitter the extra to leave them home. (I do think my kids are well behaved, but as the parent, I get the worst behavior!)

Some it is blamed on stress. Everyone has stress and lack of money is our stressor. It's harder when we can't get out and do things or go on vacation like "normal" people. My husband is finally at a job where he can have 2 weeks of paid vacation for the first time in our marriage of 10 years. The downside to that, he's been sick this year and had to use some of the paid days for days he missed.

The biggest thing that tires me is a vitamin D issue. I know I've talked about it before, but I'm going to talk about it again today. I was diagnosed with a deficiency of vitamin D at the end of summer a few years back. The low end of normal according to their charts is a 30, I was an 18. I was put on prescription D for a couple of months and now take a daily high over the counter dose to keep stable. Being so far away from the equator makes it hard to get any sun during half the year. Many people are deficient and don't know it. If you're always tired, you need to ask your doctor for some blood tests. Many don't do the vitamin D test without you asking, so be sure that's one of the tests they do when you tell them about your exhaustion. I was taking daily naps at one point just because I was so tired. It's amazing the difference when I have enough of the sunshine vitamin in my system. I can tell when I've forgotten my vitamin for a few days.

When I eat poorly, I can tell also. It causes me to be more tired. My body can tell it's not getting the vitamins I would get if I were eating salads and meat instead of candy and marshmallows. When I eat nutrient rich foods, I am energized and ready to go, but when I'm having nutrient poor foods, I just want to sleep all the time.

So when I align everything right, then I have an alert day! As long as I keep on listening to my body, I'll keep awake. I do not use caffeine so I just don't have that issue, a body can survive without caffeine. When I get my vitamin and drink my water and have a proper diet, everything is grand and I want to do a lot. When I forget my vitamin and eat a lot of junk and the kids just don't want to cooperate, then I just want a nap.

Today's Holidays: National Day of Prayer (If you pray, today's the day to do it at 3pm), National Baby Day (enjoy those little ones, they grow up quickly or may not grow up at all), Brothers and Sisters Day (enjoy the siblings that you enjoy most!), Play Your Ukulele Day (I'm surprised it wasn't aligned with Hawaiian Lei Day), and National Truffles Day (I assume they mean the chocolate kind... I may have to run out for one today).
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  • FRAN0426
    Food does effect how we feel, the more things we eat that are more junk, your body reacts to it.
    Sure glad we missed the snowstorm, but it sure wad very chilly out and that wind was no picnic either.
    I really feel that children are well behaved for the most part, but they sure can push thier parents buttons---or try to. Guess I was always glad mine were well behaved in the presence of others tho.
    1751 days ago
  • KAREN608
    When it was warmer I sat in the sun... didn't realize it helped with vitamin D.
    I agree if one eats properly you have energy, and if you eat junk you feel
    sluggish. I know quite a few people that try to live on coffee, junk food
    and some vitamins, thinking the vitamins will somehow fix the bad
    eating and give them their energy back.

    We are having snow all afternoon and into Friday here in southern Iowa!
    Will turn to rain mid Friday. Northern Iowa got 10 inches of snow today.
    What a May 2nd!
    1751 days ago
    I read recently that mushrooms are the only unfortified food that you can get vitamin D from. Apparently if you leave them in the sun for a little while they will create their own, just like our skin does. Neat huh?

    I actually just recently had my vit D levels tested. She said 'really good' for this area (just below minimums) - I've read before that around a third of Canadians are vitamin D deficient. I can't imagine how the people really north would ever get enough!

    Now I have a reminder to pull out my ukelele tonight :D Thanks!
    1751 days ago
    I am longing to get out in the garden and into some sunshine. Right now it is 34 degrees on May 2 and we still have some snow in the yard.
    1752 days ago
    I was thinking about you this morning knowing that it snowed out that way again today so I'm glad you missed it.
    There's a funny correlation with kids and dogs. Somebody told me not that long ago their behavior is the worst around the people that they love they most. So I guess I should be glad that my dog likes to bite my arms and jump all over me the second I come in the door, well....... you know your kids love you!!.
    It is amazing how much better the body feels when you treat it right!!
    Wishing you sunshine and spring flowers!! emoticon emoticon

    1752 days ago
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