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I just don't get it..

Thursday, May 02, 2013

I have continuously worked out every week for the past 5 weeks. At least 5 days a week switching between bicycling, running, aerobics, walking, stationary bike.. My calories in have ranged 900-1500. I have managed to drop my fat intake down, but I am still low on protein.
Now, all this said and done.... not one pound lost!
I stopped taking the chronic pain meds, I decided that the cons far outweighed the pros. I stopped taking my BC pills since the last time I dropped 80+ pounds, I wasn't taking the pill.
So.. I just don't get it. Shouldn't it have budged a pound at least? What gives...

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    That sounds so frustrating -- and I've been there too. I wish I had the answer. For me, I've noticed that changing my protein/carb/fat ratios makes the biggest difference -- I'm currently working to go low carb (not no carb), and higher protein -- like in the 100 range daily as opposed to barely making 60 most days. It can be really frustrating to not see the scale move, but when that happens, I try to remind myself of all the other health benefits of eating healthy and exercising. Hang in there!
    1710 days ago
    I agree with some of the other commenters, it sounds like you have shut down your metabolism by stunting your calorie intake. Try upping it just a little to around 1200 with lean protein and/or veggies/fruit and see if that helps. I know with me, I took a trainer's suggestion once about drinking low fat chocolate milk in the evenings to aid in recovery after my cardio and then again the next morning and it seemed to help, but I found a Protein boosted chocolate milk "drink" in the juice/dairy section at the grocery store that helped even better - just watch your serving size! I stuck with only 4 oz at a time, purely my choice. I also altered my diet to eating more baked/grilled chicken. There's lots of ways to prepare chicken, but it will get a little boring if you eat it every day, so look into boiled/grilled shrimp (very yummy), baked/grilled pork chops, etc. Just make sure you watch out for portion sizes - they can sneak up on ya!
    1751 days ago
  • BIRDIE501
    I agree with the comment that you need to up your calories. I remeember seeing a program on TV . The lady was exercising like crazy and after two week she didnt drop a pound, it turned out she wasn't giving her body enough fuel . Once she upped her calorie intake the weight started coming off.
    Good Luck and we are supporting you!
    1751 days ago
    That sounds frustrating. The two things I can think of, are to cut all the processed foods, and to up your protein intake. Low protein intake (i think in my own little world) really screws up my overall body metabolism. Also, I've encountered this problem of being at a standstill when I eventually learned it was because I was eating a lot of prepackaged "diet" foods. Switching to whole foods with little or nothing coming from a can or package, and cutting out breads and pasta, have been my key to success (in previous years). :-)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1752 days ago
    Dude. I'm going through the same thing right now and feeling like a total crazy person! I have no answers, but I can certainly feel your pain!

    Trying all sorts of things at the moment like upping my calories, drinking green tea, more water, etc. No idea what will work, but I'm on a mission to figure it out.

    Not cool, body. Not cool.
    1752 days ago
  • LISA667
    I found that the only thing to take off the weight was to seriously cut all the carbs and sugar. Going Paleo and juicing everyday really worked. It's so frustrating- keep it up! The minute I went back to eating bread and pasta I gained 3 pounds in one month! And that was with more excercise!
    1752 days ago
    900 calories is not enough . I gained 10 pound in 3 months when I was eating around 900 calories a day consistently. Try upping your calorie range to 1200-1500 calories of protein, veggies, and some fruits and nuts. Sounds like you are rocking the workouts. Feed your body and keep working out, and your body will have no option but to change. emoticon
    1752 days ago
  • JENNJO322
    It could be that you need to increase your calories intake. That sounds awfully low for the amount of cardio you are doing. Sometimes our bodies go into that mode where its holding on to what it has because it's afraid it's not going to get any more. Keep at it.

    Try adding a protein shake after your workout that may help.

    Good luck!!!
    1752 days ago
    Our bodies are strange. Sometimes they take a while to respond. Be patient, keep doing the right things! You will get there!!! emoticon emoticon
    1752 days ago
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