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Finally found out what is wrong

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Good Morning; DS has been having escalated anxiety/panic attacks for weeks. He gets to the point where he vomits every thing he eats. He has lost weight. Once again he was in the ditch at formation with his walker yesterday. The harassment was worse b/c other fellow "brothers" were fake puking too. DS felt he was really physically going down the tubes fast. Sgt ordered him to the military hospital. He was there for over 6 hours. They wanted to find some thing like suicide or drugs or whatever. Even though DS was not feeling well- command came in with the chaplain. We thought he was going to be put on suicide watch even though my DS was not suicidal. Any ways his Sgt came and told every one that DS is not suicidal. DS says I am clean so take as much blood you want. I have in my records every drug I am taking for my pain from 2 back surgeries and anxiety meds. Doctors found out he was severely dehydrated, has an ulcer and sever inflammation of the stomach lining and no bile left in his liver. He was given 3 bags of glucose and saline. His GF was so upset she took the baby and went to the hospital. He told them that he is looking forward of getting out of the Army and going to college. The good news a social worker came in and he told this social worker all about what was going on with command and how he was treated. Even the doctors and nurses were disguised; they can not give him a profile. He has to go to the flight doctor. So where it stands DS is starting the clearing process today. We have been assigned a military lawyer to work on his disability percentage but we have not been contacted yet -through our contact. Lawyer is supposed to see what is going on with DS, too. I have been wondering how to get this moving. What I think command would be very stupid to keep this up and now they want him gone. But the Army does get stupid so who knows. When DS told me that command and chaplain coming in - I thought he was dying. He will recover. There is a good lesson here for my DS to learn - his Army life is over and he can turn to his future. He still does not want to leave the Army. But he does know that he does have a future to look forward too. having tea with my neighbor, so I have much to talk about this time.
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    boy in the service they want to bury all things that do not fit the pins spot they are supposed to go in . . like a cat they want to bury the poo low and quickly . how can anyone make sense of this ? they do not use common sense . emoticon
    1756 days ago
    I am so glad to hear that he finally has a Military Lawyer and your contact is working to get him down the road to get out. I wonder if there is a way to get a letter to the Pentagon and the upper Command to let them know exactly what this SGT is doing. He should be court maritaled for this kind of treatment or better yet hung up by his cajones. Sorry, I am off my high horse now. Lots of love, prayers and hugs sent to all of you.
    1756 days ago
    1757 days ago
    1757 days ago
    You know how I feel. The treatment he has received in unconscionable, revolting, and way beyond anything anyone in or out of the Army should endure. Ever. For whatever the reason.

    I am glad to hear that he has medical issues that are being addressed appropriately. Very glad he has a military attorney. THAT will hopefully be the key to getting things handled properly.

    It absolutely breaks my heart to hear about how his comrades treated him too. I simply cannot believe that. You know my son's story, and he has had a LOT of support from his unit and comrades. They ARE family, and when family turns on you, it is humiliating, degrading, heart breaking.

    The best news is that DS is looking forward to the future . . . out of the Army. I just cannot tell you how glad I am to hear that.

    I am glad that his GF had the compassion to be with your DS through this as well. Shows she does care.

    That is surely one thing that my DS has listened to us about . . . TAKE COLLEGE CLASSES so you have something to fall back on.

    My dear friend, hugs and many, many prayers.
    1757 days ago
    Boy has he been through a lot..........hopefully things will turn around soon.

    1757 days ago
  • NHES220
    Hope he is on the road to recovery and getting processed out of the army.
    1757 days ago
    Hugs to you and your family, sounds like he is on the correct track now and the sooner he is discharged the better, stick to your guns and don't let the government steamroll him, so easy when you are young and believe it is done in your best interest.
    I have not been on line much the past month, but I hope things will be going more evenly now, so I can keep on top of everything. Take Care and don't let the stress get to you. Hugs, Mary
    1757 days ago
    Good luck with all of that! Hope things improve for your son.
    1757 days ago
    My heart is with you and your family until DS is safely out of the toxic place. Sounds horrible!
    1757 days ago
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