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Non Scale Victories? Bring 'Em On!!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

I thought it would be cool to write a blog listing the different types of non scale victories I have seen or look forward to seeing. I figured that, by writing it, it would help me remember what all this is for, what I have waiting for me over that horizon. I thought it may help you, too. Possibly amp you up a little bit and realize that you'll reach these victories as well.

Are you ready? I am!!

Baggier clothes (which leads to a new wardrobe, piece by piece)

Foot shrinkage (I used to wear 11s and some were tight or rubbed the wrong way. Now I'm a 10 and those pairs fit and feel better. Plus, there are more shoe options the smaller and narrower your feet are.)

A waistline!! HELLO!!

Elevators not making that quick thud dropping sound when you step in one. (Rude elevators...)

A smaller circumference neck (Necklaces drop down better)

Amusement park rides (No weight limit or seat belt worries)

Plane rides (No seat belt extenders or worries that you're invading someone else's area)

Realizing that you're walking without sucking your stomach in at all times.

Not being out of breath from the simplest of tasks (flight of stairs, fetching the mail, walking from your car to a store, bending down to tie your shoes)

Pulling your belt one notch tighter (This is a fun one!)

Random compliments (from Sparkers, family, friends, coworkers, strangers. Anyone has the ability to turn my frown upside down.)

WANTING to exercise because you know you'll feel sluggish if you don't.

Automatically making better dietary choices because you know the impact the poorer choices have on your weight and your mood.

Being that 'role model' that friends feel comfortable asking about how you've achieved what you have. Being a cheerleader for a friend wanting to achieve a goal is always exciting!

Not having to pay for the 'extra fabric' or 'extended sizes'.

Clearer skin from exercising and keeping hydrated. (BONUS!!)

Swimsuit season!! I'm not totally crazy about this yet...but I'm warming up to the idea :)

Easier to walk in heels without the excess weight and pressure on your feet.

Walking by a mirror and thinking (or saying), 'Damn!!!!' when those jeans accentuate all the right spots ;-)

What else can you think of? What NSV are you hoping to achieve next?
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