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Accountability for April, 2013

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

It's May already. So it's time to check in on the 2013 resolutions or goals.

If you are interested in seeing my goals, here's the link to that blog: ge_public_journal_individu al.asp?blog_id=5184224

So, here's my accounting of how April went.

1. Be Healthy:
4 pounds lost in April. For a total of 55.5 pounds since last August.
Blood pressure 111/69.
Total Cholesterol 202
Fasting sugar: 72
No migraines, No tinnitus
No peripheral neuropathy (I blame this on treading in the water and deep water exercise)

I had to buy a bathing suit 2 sizes smaller at the beginning of the month. And last weekend I had to buy another, one size smaller still. I needed to get some smaller everyday shorts and shirts. WooHoo!!. I filled my trunk with clothes, once again, and gave them to a woman who is out of work and has had 2 surgeries due to cancer. My white coat with the hood was on top and she cried when she saw that.

Fitness for March was 2414 minutes
Fitness for April was 3997 minutes.

I hear my PET scan report tomorrow. Hopefully I continue to have no hot spots.

2. Be a playful, responsible Adult
Playful activities: I continue treading water in community pool daily. I walk morning and evening. I go to the pool morning and evening. I have also started walking to the pool if it doesn't look like a storm is eminent. I purchased a set of pool resistance equipment. Don't find the floater belt fun at all. I just fight it all the time, so that will be gifted to someone else. But I love the foam barbells and those webbed had gadgets . They have upped my workout 10 notches!! And I love every minute of it. If I could find a pool protected from the sun, I'd be there pretty much 24/7.

Responsible Adult: Thyroid medicine must be taken 1.5 hours before eating anything. Thanks to SP friend, I have been able to manage taking thyroid medicine, getting in breakfast and my morning workouts. I take the medicine when I get up in the middle of the night. That's always more than the required hour and a half before getting up for the day when I might eat breakfast or go for a walk.

I filed my taxes before the deadline and learned I hadn't been paying income taxes on the Social Security money. And the taxes I WAS having taken out from teacher retirement wasn't enough to cover it. So I had to pay 2500, plus start paying over 600 every quarter. That means postponing the extensive work on my teeth for a while. I wished I could be an irresponsible teenager once again.

I continue to bless the Fly Lady techniques. They are very helpful to maintain the house and not be saddled with constant housework.

3. Nurture Relationships
I have made new friends at the pool and while walking. And I work hard to turn the complaining and negativity I hear all around me in a positive direction. People are so unhappy. Maybe they ALL need thyroid medication.

4. Make My Spirit Soar
I am thankful daily for feeling so great. In my last report I was worried about depression settling in. But my primary physician diagnosed a thyroid issue and started medication. While I haven't seen a startling change, I DO feel much more positive or hopeful, or NOT unhappy.

And starting and ending the day in the pool can't be beat!!
I purchased a nutribullet and started using it 1-2 times daily. I think it has made the nutrients that I needed available to my body. I'm really not eating any different foods. They are just being pulverized, and I also think that has made a huge difference. My next blood work will be the end of May. We'll see if it shows up there or not.

All in all, I consider it a very successful month.
Yes, I'm still resolute. I am seeing that it will be possible to maintain these habits for life.

Jewels helps. She's saying, "Okay, I've waited long enough!! Time for our walk." This morning, that preceded our breakfast!!
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