Keeping the Core Strong After Surgery

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Dear Anne,

I just want to let you know how great your Core Fitnesss Chair Exercise has been for me while I've been recuperating from trimalleolar ankle surgery. I am not a senior, but am very active.

I ordered your DVD and have been following along (skipping the standing exercises) ever since I got home from the hospital. 4 days ago I was finally freed from my boot, and allowed to put my foot down. Amazingly, the crutches are gone, my balance is almost back to normal, and I've just got to reduce the swelling some before going back to work.

I know that the reason I am coming out of this so strong is that 4-5 times a week I put in the Core Fitness DVD and kept everything flexible as much as I can. Today I did the standing exercises at the end of the dvd and was able to do them (though I do need to get my ankle to be less stiff, physiotherapy and your DVD should help).Keeping Core Strong After Surgery.

Thank you so much for keeping me from becoming an out of shape lump.

Karen G., New York

I am so glad you put the DVD to good use! How brilliant of you to prepare to stay in shape right after surgery. Many people just wait the recommended 4-6 weeks, then start with therapy, and by then core strength and mobility is diminished.

I have worked with many clients Pre and post surgery (coordinating with their therapists) and they always recuperate more quickly if they stay as strong as possible throughout.

Continued success,
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