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Suddenly Summer

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Yesterday and today we are in the 80's! It feels like summer and I am not ready yet. I ran yesterday at the height of the heat and was just drenched and bright red. Oh well it was fun to put on shorts and tank top for a change. Instead of figure out which layers work well together for 28 degrees. Scott found this race in peoria he wants me to do with him. It goes along the river front. That city tends to be pretty hilly. Oh well it's 4 miles, I can be uncomfortable little. Last Saturday was the Illinois marathon and it was the first yr we didn't do it in 4 yrs. I was kinda sad to see all the photos being posted online. But also I am glad to be done with distance running for awhile. I am in a different place right now. Plus that race was pretty boring after doing it so many times. Enjoying my 5k distances for now.

One of the fitness teachers I am friends with on facebook posted that last night. Aint that the truth! Hence why I am loving the warmer temps and getting so many more steps because of it. In the winter 10k steps was hard to get. But this time of yr 15k is not hard cuz I am always out watering or walking the dogs or biking to work. Just loving the weather finally becoming spring and I can eat without guilt a little less. It also made me think of these women I seem to only meet in water aerobics who tell me they hate sweating. Hopefully they know they are sweating in the water, they just can't see it. Actually that's a much more gross idea sweating in the water with 14 ppl as opposed to sweating on land only dealing with your own sweat, anyway!


Day 94: My tulip bulbs I planted finally graces us with their presence! So nice to come home to.

Day 95: Ok my seed buying addiction needs to stop now! BUT! Last night when I was planting. It led to my neighbor coming out and introcuding himself! Funny it turns out his fiance is working in the same city my husband is working in 45 minutes away. Both right on the river front. Maybe they can carpool...probably not would be nice though. Anyway my photo lol
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