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Super J is getting a pedicure today

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May first! Unbelievable that it is finally here! It has been a tough month in many many ways and I am taking deep breaths. My youngest DD and I are going for pedicures this afternoon.

I really like wearing my "super cape on my wrist" of all my tools - to help me resist temptations. The visuals work for me. I'm not sure if Super J will transform any further. The exercise helped me get through this week and now I have to USE them all on a regular basis. Practice, practice, practice.

I still have a long to do list but I have eaten a LOT of frogs this month. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon When you have to do hard things usually it is not over in one bite. I think, lol, that there is reflux. So I have follow up to do on many of my frogs but the HARDEST parts seem done. Sometimes I wish that I had a simple life with no worries and no responsibilities. We have a very complicated life that is always busy and has a lot of "risk". As they say though... be careful what you wish for. My life could be a lot simpler without my kids and husband and lovely home and life but at least at the end of the day I have my kids, my husband and my lovely home. I think this month I have seen things through different glasses. Knowing things can change in an instant because of an accident or illness or financial crisis.... I have to appreciate what I have. Does that mean that I'm happy the way things are? I think it is wise to declutter and simplify in a slow, controlled way. Just like eating, start making choices. Do I need this? Do I have to do this? Saying no more. And... considering the big changes.

My stress, a lot of it is of my own making.

So, Super J does have one more tool. The pedicure/manicure to remind me that my "life" is worth taking care of. It is a symbol that says I need to take the time and make the effort to do good things for myself - pampering as well as work. That I can choose different (colours) things to make my life richer and better and they can be simple things or the lack of them (french). I'm calling it the manicure of CHOICE.
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