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May Day

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Aside from being the 1st of May it is a holiday in France (I don't remember which one). So I have the day off work.

Today, in no particular order, I am going to trim the 6 foot or more hedges that line 3 sides of the yard with my new electric hedge trimmer; edge the sidewalks with my decidedly low tech edging tool (a curved blade on a stick); use the Claw to turn up the ground along the fence line and plant my tulips; practice my saxophone; cook something for dinner; clean the house; work on work; if the garden store is open today find bottoms for my new pots so I can repot the hibiscus when it gets warm enough and then repot the mini roses and ornamental peppers, and get some sage, parsley and heirloom tomato plants...and keep up on SP.

I will need a holiday from my holiday when today is over.

I have been trying to avoid buying electrical things here since I can't take them back to the US with me in a few years but I have had little choice with the yard equipment. The yard; full of weed clumps that my reel mower won't cut down. And since I am renting I am not going to go to the trouble and expense of killing the yard and replanting grass. So I bought this tiny little toy electric mower. It is so cute, it looks just like a child's toy mower except it is a real one. It works though and last weekend I mowed the lawn for the first time since August. It looks a lot nicer now.

And I needed a weed wacker, primarily because I do not want to be crawling along the perimeter with a pair of manual clippers to trim the edges. And now the thing with the hedges. I got a pair of manual clippers first...but that is such a pain in the backside...the hedges are huge and long it was taking forever to do just one side of one hedge I broke down yesterday and got an electric one. I've never used a hedge trimmer before so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the shaggy hedge bits are the only things I cut off!

Of course, if I can chainsaw a 30 foot pine tree section that fell in my yard mere hedge trimmers (and cheap low power ones at that!) are no match for the mighty FANGFACEKITTY!

I am still anxiously awaiting my veggie and herb seeds to sprout, but it has only been a week so it is probably too soon. The lettuce has started coming up but that is the only veggie I did not have to replant last week so it has had a head start.

2 of my cats love to go outside in the yard and I have caught them in the neighbors' yards or in the field behind the house so soon I will have to get some wire fencing to attach along the bottom of the existing fences to keep them in my yard. Or at least try to, they will still be able to get out through the gate onto the sidewalk and road, which they have been avoiding so far. So maybe I will just leave things be unless the neighbors complain...mine are far from being the only cats wandering about the yards.

Oh yes, in addition to everything else today I will go for a run too.

I should certainly sleep well tonight!

Time to get to work.
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