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Hubbie and I started our walking exercise!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Ecclesiastes 4:12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

This verse really appeals to me and blesses me. I think of it in terms of the LORD, my husband, and me. Every time I have suffered in some way there has always been my Savior Lord and my husband there bind with me to help my keep together. Without the LORD a lost person is without the spiritual help and protection of the LORD. Being saved gives us tremendous security in knowing the LORD is with us through every single moment of our Christian life. Sometimes we are weak in health, in mind, or/and spirit. We lack faith and trust in our situation. I am no exception! Apostle Paul had his moments and always found his way through the pain and tribulations. He always let his faith lift him out of the negative and into the positive faith in JESUS. I have found my way through every dark moment. Satan loves to whisper in our ear. He likes to tell us to give up, it isn't going to get better. He torments our minds and our bodies with pain day and night. When we are down remember we must let the LORD lift us up. Satan cannot win! JESUS defeated him.
Jesus died, was buried and rose again after three days. HE ascended to heaven and now is at the right hand of GOD interceding for us. We win each battle. It may not feel like it sometimes, but when we finally look up in prayer and have faith, we see the LORD GOD Almighty's deliverance. What a majestic GOD we have. As I suffer with my body, the LORD and my husband entwine with me. My husband benefits as well as me. God said "A threefold cord is not quickly broken. " My husband and I discussed the immediate importance of getting back to living healthier. We had both gained weight. We also talked about walking at least 3 times a week. We are asking the LORD to help us each day. He lost his job of 21 year April 1 of this year. So he just retired. He is 66. At first he was lost. He was just sitting in front of the television way to much or else he wanted to go somewhere. He is slowly getting into a groove without his job. I tell him he needs to stay active and get busy. I told him running here and there everyday wasn't the answer. He needed a plan and some order in his life at home. He has been really good since we got started back with healthy living. He works in the yard and garden with me. He helps me around the house. Most important we are having devotions without a lack of time to interfere. We pray with each other through out the day. This is binding our three cords together to fight against the devil and his attacks. Third cord is me. By myself I can prevail. I can be strong and victorious in things, but problems are much tougher alone. The second cord is my husband. When we combine our faith, it is a stronger force. We can withstand the devil. Together in this battle we are able to oppose, resist, and endure successfully. If we aren't working together there will be weak spots in our life. Satan loves weak spot. He throws his fiery darts right into that spot. Everyday we need to make sure the first cord who is JESUS CHRIST our LORD, is binding and entwining with us. We need that first cord to make our relations strong. I am looking forward to watching how strong the LORD will make my husband myself. We are three, but one together. I thank the LORD.
Today we started walking. We used the Riverwalk Park to walk. It is two blocks from our house. We took Chaos our dog with us. We walked for two hours. I didn't walk fast. I have to be careful and not push to hard. I still got a really good work out walking. We all did. All together I think we walked just under 3 miles. We were all tired when we got back. We did feel happy and good about the walk. So it begins. Three days a week we will walk for exercise. I did get some bad blisters. My feet went soft on me during my illness and recovery time. I will have to go to the pain of toughing them back up. I forgot to put Vaseline on them, before leaving the house. I also had heavy sock on. I needed to wear the walkers sock I bought. Tomorrow my husband and I are taking a class in foraging. We will meet the instructor at the riverwalk with the rest of the class. We will go into the woods to learn what is edible in our area of South Carolina. I am so excited about it. My granny use to forage. I didn't really pay attention to what she was doing. I was a kid watching the wildlife and looking for any snakes that may be close. My husband and me were suppose to take the class last week, but something came up and we didn't get to go. I want to take notes and hubbie will take pictures of the edible in the woods. We also are to bring a bag so we can pick and dig up plants to take home and eat. This will bring a source of healthy food in for us and be something we can enjoy doing together. Hav a bright sunshiny day today. I plan on having one. emoticon

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