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Dancing with the the aerobics pool?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No fitness center, again......forgot about Hubby's Men's Choir practice tonight......his group is preparing for a concert too.....hope there are no conflicts with his plans.....
Tomorrow we are going to go, come heck or high water......which around here is just possible. Actually, our river is behaving itself quite nicely so far, thank you very much. I like spring melt that does not go crazy.....even if it is a little late this year. By the way, the weather was gorgeous in the Cities this past weekend. Of course it had to cool down now, but at least I had a few nice days this alleged spring. emoticon I hope we don't just skip on by into summer.....I kind of like the slow warm up we usually get this time of year.
Well, besides not getting any exercise in this week, I am very much off base with the sodium today. I will have to be more vigilant the rest of the week. I am not looking forward to weighing myself any time soon......but I will and take my punishment for overindulging this weekend and get on with is not the end of the world, just another bump in the road......and I have had plenty in this journey to health. Well the Twins ball game was pretty bad while I listened to it earlier, I hope the Wild do better in hockey tonight......the game is in overtime right now. I did watch Dancing with the Stars long enough to find out who will not be back next week. Watching the unfortunate person who did not make the cut is always sad, but I do like to watch the improvements the others make. I wish I could do the dances, but my joints would not be very happy if I tried.....maybe I could try some of the moves in the pool tomorrow.......Hmmmm, Dancing in the Lazy River......sounds good to me! emoticon
Okay, I am definitely still tired, as I a not making much sense any more. Time to go to bed. Lynel emoticon
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