Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So yesterday I got to lead my first Latin-dance inspired aerobics session. It's exactly like Zumba. lol Only 3 ladies from my school came, but I think that more will start as we get into the swing of things. And they're already talking about continuing in the summer! It was pretty fun. I was nervous, but they didn't know anything about Zumba, so they didn't know when I did something wrong.

And.... I'm hoping to go get my real Zumba certification in May! I've been thinking about it for a long time, and since people want me to teach it, I'm finally going to go get certified! After I do the basic certification, I'd like to get the one for the kids version, Zumbatomic. I think that would be right up my alley as an elementary music teacher, and I think people would be interested in something like that for their kids. My students are in k-2 grade, and they LOVE just doing Zumba with the Wii. And it cracks me up because I have a few kids who just wake up and come alive when we dance! And there's this one Hispanic boy who can be such a challenge sometimes, but you put on Zumba, and he is right there with you. :)

In other news, I'm excited to lift today. It's weird for me to have a work out plan where I only do it 3 times a week. But it makes me want more! lol I'm sure I won't be saying that tomorrow! haha I'm on my 6th workout of the program and I'm adding weight and lowering reps. And I feel like all my previous soreness is gone and I'm ready to get sore again! lol I haven't really noticed much of a difference yet. I think it did feel easier to take my laundry up, but I'm not sure. AAAnnddd my eating has been horrible, so I'm not noticing much of an appearance benefit yet. But I'm getting better and I'm going to keep working for it!
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