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Just a quick thought about preparation...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I have been overthrown by the rise and shine challenge!! I am a college kid who generally likes to wake up at noon-ish, or usually about 10am. Lately I have been going to bed around 10 or 11pm and waking up at 7 or 8am! This is a huge difference and I like it a LOT more.
At my age, I guess I try to stay up late with everyone, playing video games, maybe having a few beers... but lately I've been the one in bed first and up and at 'em the earliest! I won't lie, this is a rough adjustment for me. Mostly I have to remember to be calm and allow a lot of lee-way for everyone in the house who likes to go out for smokes at 2am under my bedroom!

WOO-SAA... right? I need to kick up the meditation, I guess.

Anyway, an interesting occurrence has happened! My boyfriend has been asking me if he can join me on my morning jogs! Yesterday we had an interesting talk. I was telling him that I like to wake up early and have the morning to get ready and do things before work, and he told me he thinks he prefers waking up early too! I think this is in conflict with his night-owl tendencies, though. BUT, it did give me a little insight in to my habits and how they have changed over the past year.

The main thing I have noticed is that this lifestyle takes a LOT of preparation!

1. Sleep preparation: this is the one that my honey helped me see. I need to be in bed early if I want to wake up early and not be grumpy about it. This means sacrificing those last few hours spent doing mindless tasks, like playing video games and watching tv shows. I have decided that those things aren't worth staying up late, so when I find myself getting bored, I just go to bed!

2. Food preparation: this is another thing my honey has helped me see. Sometimes, when I get lazy, I don't want to cook and I end up getting something unhealthy and quick. Since my honey almost never prepares food, he just goes along with it, but this week he asked me to help him learn how to cook all his meals! This isn't just your average boy-man cooking of throwing something in the microwave... he actually asked his mom for some easy recipes! He is Navajo, so we are trying to get our tortilla and frybread skills up. (EAT FRYBREAD IN MODERATION, EMILY!)

3. Body preparation: This one is a little abstract. If I want to live this healthy lifestyle, I have to prepare my body by not drinking, not bumming that RARE, rare smoke, and drinking lots of water.

4. Mind preparation: At the wonderful suggestion of a SparkFriend, I have started doing a morning visualization after my jog/yoga. What do I want from this? How does this lifestyle make me feel? How does an unhealthy lifestyle make me unhappy? What can I accomplish with my new self?

Anyway, I thought those were some very interesting insights. Now, I have been putting off breakfast to type this because I didn't want to forget, now I'm hungry! Oatmeal and milk with blueberries sounds fantastic, doesn't it? =)

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