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TODAY IS DAY 30 of the 30 Day Challenge! Whoo hoo!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So? How did you do?

This is the story of mine. At the end of the March challenge I was down to 155.6 or something like that, and then EASTER WEEKEND...and after that I was instantly back to 160.8. SIGH!!!!
Here we go again! I started the challenge and was really starting to get frustrated that I could not eat this, could not eat that, or the next thing. I got bored with my menu and so I would just drink coffee instead. Then I started limiting coffee to 2 -3 cups a day. Then I cut down further to 1 cup a day. Well that left me hungry ALL THE TIME, but not motivated enough to prepare veggies and food that I was bored with.
Then we started exploring the protein issue in the blogs and I realized I was not eating enough protein or enough calories int he day!


and I have been enjoying their menu and the foods are not boring!
Now I am starting to gather Data based on what the scale says each day in reaction to one new food introduced.
So far I can eat 1 oz of dark chocolate a day without weight gain, I can have steak ( 2.5 oz) , I can have Rye crackers, I can have bismati brown rice ( but I only had it once in a week)

Cheese seems to be a problem for me, so I will keep being friendly to my body and avoid it for now and retest it later!

For me I lost most of my weight in the last part of the challenge when I started "The Plan."
So Start weight was 160.8 lbs
now weight 155.0
that is - 5.8 pounds!
I am down on most measurements except upper arm, and calf and abs.
So all in all I am happy with the results!

So no Wheat, no white carbs except Rye crackers and brown bismati rice in the last half of the challenge. Loads of veggies in the last half of the challenge!

"The Plan" seems to be working wonders for me...and the scale is moving in the right direction.

Now, let me just say how PROUD I am of all the 30 Day Challenge participants! You have checked in daily! Sent me awesome pics and have made this a fun month!

Thank you for joining me in this journey of wellness!
Each one of you is so special and I love hearing how you are learning more about yourselves and your relationship to food. Like I said, it is not about perfection, it is about progress!


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    emoticon Job! Lets Rock April Mel! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1781 days ago
    I must say, I'm getting more and more interested in checking out The Plan. Kudos to you, Mel, for turning your month around!!!
    I wish I could say the same. emoticon
    This challenge was not as successful for me on the scale emoticon (up 3 lbs)
    But I'm not surprised AT ALL. I ate sugar and white carbs well beyond my 3 "get out of jail" freebies. If anything, I'm happy it's *ONLY* 3lbs. But, as with anything, that's only half the story, and there are some things to be very happy my major increase in exercise.

    So, here's the breakdown.
    emoticon March was all about healthy food choices, and exercise kinda fell by the wayside. I did exercise, but only the bare minimum and sometimes found that a challenge to fit in.
    emoticon April was all about activity, and my food choices suffered from mindless reactions to life and stress. I did eat well pretty often, but there were enough binges and poor choices to set me back on the scale.
    emoticon May will be about finding my place of balance. I know I can do it.
    Here's to moving forward! emoticon
    1781 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    That's awesome Mel! Glad you are having such good success with The Plan!

    The last 30 days were tough. I seem to have had so many ups and downs. Can I still blame it on hormones if the baby is now 3 months old?!? LOL!

    Start Weight was 187 and I'm down to 182, so a 5 lb loss. Really, with the fact that I'm nursing, that is right on target with what the doctors recommend. I'm pleased. I just have to learn to be patient.
    Measurement wise, I'm down a total of 11.75 inches!! I'm very happy with that, especially since 3 of them are from my waist!

    Looking forward to dropping another 5 lbs in May and maybe another 12 inches!
    1781 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Wow, 30 days already?? Congrats on the great progress!
    1781 days ago
  • LIS193
    emoticon You had a great last half of the month!! The Plan is amazing, great food, and a great science project to find out what does and doesn't work for you.
    Don't write off cheese yet - you had a stall after a big loss the day before, it may not have been the food but your body taking a "breather".

    I started the month at goal 135.0 and my objective for the month was to maintain goal and improve on my exercise. My results are mixed.. Weight: down 0.7 to 134.3, inches lost: 1/2" overall.
    Exercise: uhmm.. after out trip earlier this month it's been sporadic - so taht part was an epic fail!
    emoticon emoticon

    My goal for May is the same as it was for April: maintain weight around 135 and improve (dramatically!!) on exercise. Increasing my water intake as the temps are now consistently around 90F
    I know I have a few challenges ahead of me in May - trips, occasions (which for some reason always involve food) etc.
    1781 days ago
    WAY TO GO, Mel!!! Sounds like your solid, hard work paid off!!!! And you had FUN doing it!!!

    1781 days ago
    Wonderful results, Mel!
    This challenge has been interesting and I have been scattered and on the road. Still, I am happy with my healthy choices, tons of veggies, fruit, protein. Exercise and increased activity levels too.
    Weight stayed the same but my body feels different. Stronger.
    Lost 1.5 inches and will keep on tweeking the food choices to make this eating plan work the best for me.
    Thanks again for making this challenge happen.
    Congratulations to all!

    1781 days ago
    Well, in total I'm down 2 pounds and I'm happy. As noted yesterday, I've stuck with the no cola, breakfast has usually been before 10:00 and has been substantial enough to call breakfast. White refined carbs have been out other than the odd mouthful here and there and if it's hidden in things like condiments. Have kept black caffeinated tea down to 1 large cup a day.

    I did feel a bit fluish for a couple of days and then realized yesterday that the cramping and back soreness was actually likely due to a mild flareup of IBS. The reason it took me awhile to twig to it was 1) I haven't had an occurrence in over a year and 2) it's not usually mild but full blown right away. I took my medicine and within a few hours I was back to normal.

    It probably had the most to do with the flu, but some of my new dietary habits might be causing some grief so I will have to be careful. I will also check if any of the ingredients in my smoothies etc are harder in IBS symptoms and ensure I'm a little more careful.

    My shape and "looseness" has improved. Still want to focus on my midriff area. I can tell that I still need to lose some extra fat there, but I also need to focus on building more core strength. A continued work in progress - I was wisely told once that when the work is done you die so you'd best always be a work in progress. LOL Will measure shortly and let you know.

    The Plan sounds very interesting.

    This has been another great challenge, I really can't believe how fast the time flies!
    Am interested in "The Plan" .
    1781 days ago
    congratz for completing to much!
    1781 days ago
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