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Self-Sabatoge, Oh Yea BIGTIME !

Monday, April 29, 2013

Do you wait for Monday to start your diet or lifestyle change? Do you wait for the beginning of the Month to start? Will you START TODAY?

Perfect conditions never exist. There is going to be one reason or another to start later.

Ya, like that trip to the beach. Well, maybe I will start after I polish off those last few cans of Pepsi and that pizza a friend brought over along with a bag of candy. The next day something else happens day after day, for weeks on end until a year or two passes by. I have been there and I am trying to break free.

Self-Sabotage, that is what we do to ourselves when we keep on DELAYING our GOALS. I have lost years doing the above. It's not that I didn't want to get started, other things got in the way. I bet it's happened to everyone.

We all know there are people who get in our way of goals, bringing us sweets when they know we are on a diet. That is sabotage. What about what we do to ourselves? I could say I lost many years wasted doing endless self-sabotage. In the beginning I wasn't even aware that I was sabotaging myself. Back when I had a boyfriend encouraging me to eat out often. Thank goodness I learned too slowly to let him go. He cost me so many loses. We LEARN from the past and focus on today making positive changes.

Psychology Today says, "Behavior is said to be self-sabotaging when it creates problems and interferes with long-standing goals. The most common self-sabotaging behaviors are procrastination, self-medication with drugs or alcohol, comfort eating in the face of weight concerns, and self-injury such as cutting. These acts may seem helpful in the moment, but ultimately undermine us, especially when we engage in them repeatedly.

People aren't always aware they are sabotaging themselves, as the effects of their behavior may not show up for some time." We can easily self-sabotage our self over eating our favorite foods no matter how healthy they seem.

If you enlarge this photo it shows a great mind map of self-sabotage.

Self-sabotage is an internal safety mechanism that protects us again disappointment, keeping us in a comfort zone. It makes it almost impossible to reach our goals. I know I tended to lack the ability to say NO to others. I didn't THINK about the CONSEQUENCES of my decisions. I certainly didn't plan my meals ahead of time or count calories. Heck, what is a calorie? I used to say.

Mentally I kept coming up with reasons as to why it wouldn't work, or why I was too busy, something always kept me from pursuing my goals. So I gave up on myself. When I worked 12 hour shifts I always felt too tired to workout, too busy to cook nutritious meals and the ex- was always pressuring me to eat out. I SHOULD OF Stood up for myself.

It was after eating out for a couple of years I got SICK. I believe all the crappy ingredients of process foods contributed to my health issues. When I got sick, I made EXCUSES that I was too weak and too tired to fix nutritious meals. I was Too tired, foggy headed to calculate out my calories. There was always something I was doing that was self-sabotaging.

Since growing the WHEAT GRASS, which is know to improve health in even the worse cases, I grew determined to make sure I used it.

After all I put all that work into growing in, why would I not use it? I stuck to a ROUTINE of making juice from it every day even if I didn't have the energy too or even if I was in extreme pain. It was that small CHANGE that ALLOWED me to BREAK FREE of my fixed routine I had for years. It feels like I am IMPROVING with drinking Wheat Grass daily.

Making it a ROUTINE no matter what allowed me to develop healthier habits. Now nothing stands in the way. If we go on vacation I feel as if I must go search out a juice shop to get my hit of vitality. When I miss a day, I don't feel as well. The next day I drag.

Lately since my JUICE FAST I have been TAKING BETTER CONTROL of the situation. I have been finding more proactive answers to the problems. JUICE FASTING opened my mind to NEW IDEAS. I wanted to loose weight, but ignoring the rules didn't help me at all I stayed stuck. The rules seems to labor intensive with my foggy head and chronic exhaustion.

The juice Fast, Feast, REBOOT or whatever you want to call it BROKE the cycle of negative of behaviors. In order to do it, I had to EXPERIMENT with my daily habits.
It required forming a new DAILY ROUTINE to follow. I needed a PLAN to make it work.
Not only that, I had to PLAN AHEAD.

I needed advice from others who walked the path before me. I reached out to OTHERS. Now I can FOCUS ON THE SOLUTION.

It feels like the chains of self-sabotage are weakening. Yea.

Update. I think the beach trip has been delayed. Since I tripped last week and injured my knee apparently I also injured another part of me. It didn't hurt the first few days until the weekend. Then I couldn't sleep for 24 hours due to severe pain. Then I crashed and slept for 24 hours. My back was injured. The chiropractor said two areas in my lower back got badly out of place which made the rest of my back tight and painful. Hopefully it will resolve soon.

Yes, I juiced today and have enough to drink all day. The Chia seed pudding is ready. I need to make some fresh broth. My workout will be Qigong. It helps the back to relax, calm the inflammation or restorative yoga. Below is a link to a free hour long restorative yoga workout for you to try. Notice how good you feel when you are done.

Here is another one.


  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

2ABBYNORMAL 4/30/2013 11:23PM

    I hope your back heals soon. The pain associated with the back is awful.

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KIPPER15 4/30/2013 10:22PM

    emoticon Thanks for sharing this blog. I will check out the links for the restorative yoga. I need something good for my back. emoticon

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FLMOMX2 4/30/2013 4:12PM

    emoticon emoticon

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HAWTGRANNY2014 4/30/2013 4:10PM

    Been there, done is a very real condition, maybe they should have medicine for it LOL. Seriously though there usually is an underlying reason for doing it.
thanks for the blog and I hope your back gets better. emoticon

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LASKIE2 4/30/2013 3:54PM


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LASKIE2 4/30/2013 3:53PM


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HOPEFULHIPPO 4/30/2013 3:45PM

    fantastic! I almost need this blog on my fridge.

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JUMPINJULIE 4/30/2013 10:59AM

    Great blog I hope your back feels better soon.

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MICHELLEPHANT 4/30/2013 10:34AM

For sharing this well needed encouragement! My favorite saying is
"Today is Yesterdays Tomorrow"
I just need to listen to me! Duh?
Hugs and happy thoughts!

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SWDESERTLOVER 4/30/2013 9:18AM

    emoticon emoticon

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123ELAINE456 4/30/2013 3:36AM

  Awesome Blog!!! Hope You Feel Better Soon. You are doing Good. Very Inspiring. Keep It Up. God Blessings to Everyone. Have a Great Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment edited on: 4/30/2013 3:37:26 AM

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NYARAMULA 4/30/2013 2:49AM

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing.

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IKACEY 4/30/2013 1:36AM

    a really emoticon blog. You really have had a major breakthrough in your awareness of self sabotage. Be careful about getting into a should, must , have to, ought to mindset though. It would have been great if you had stood up for yourself, but you didn't and that is what is. Learn from that for next time then let it go. Good luck on your continued Journey to your goals emoticon
IKacey co-leader of the Chair Exercise Team

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JANIEWWJD 4/30/2013 12:50AM

    Loved it!!! Thank you!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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PHOENIX1949 4/29/2013 11:57PM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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LIVE_AMAZINGLY 4/29/2013 11:38PM

    A really encouraging blog! It's nice to see the wonderful progress you are making. We can learn from you. Thanks.

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CLPURNELL 4/29/2013 11:25PM

    emoticon emoticon

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COCK-ROBIN 4/29/2013 11:17PM


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JACKIE542 4/29/2013 11:03PM

    Thank you wonderful. Hope you feel better very soon. Thanks for the link to the yoga workout. emoticon

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ITISABOUTME 4/29/2013 10:44PM

    Thank you for the wonderful blog!! I know that you have gotten many of us to thinking about how we are harming ourselves instead of taking control of ourselves!! emoticon

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BLUEROSE73 4/29/2013 10:24PM

    I love your blog. I finally figured this out. Instead of waiting for Monday, or May 1, I started my 12 week challenge last thursday. I had been thinking about it since Tuesday, and I finally decided no more waiting, Do it NOW!!! So I did.

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TIME2BLOOM4ME 4/29/2013 10:13PM

    If you blend the chia seeds in a blender until it is like flour and add in the rest of the ingredients, you won't get the seeds stuck in your teeth or dentures. It makes the pudding smooth instead of tapioca like.

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ACIMPEGGY 4/29/2013 9:51PM

    Let me know about the Chia pudding. I have a jar...they get under my dentures. ;-(

We all do this...and we can all stop. It's not that we can't have a treat. SP believes in no deprivation. We just control the amount and figure it in our total, trying to make sure we still stay within range and eat nutritious food first.

Whew! That was a mouthful!

Great blog!

emoticon emoticon

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FLAMENM 4/29/2013 8:57PM

    Thanks for the great bkog. So many things to ponder. And then do. Today, of course.

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PATRICIAAK 4/29/2013 8:23PM

    very introspective - good for you

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STEVIEBEE569 4/29/2013 8:08PM

    Great Blog!

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4RASCALS 4/29/2013 7:58PM

    Thanks for sharing your blog. I am definitely guilty of self sabotage. It's time for change.

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CMRAND54 4/29/2013 7:13PM

    Sometimes I have to throw out food just so I won't eat it. I was raised to never waste food, but those cookies will be just as wasted if I eat them as if I throw them away.

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SCOOTER4263 4/29/2013 6:57PM

    What an excellent, inspirational blog! About the only self-sabotage thing on the list that I've never done is cut myself - I usually find inanimate objects willing to take that roll for me. I need to evaluate my status on the whole self-sabotage issue, I think.

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RACEWELLWON 4/29/2013 6:51PM

    Have you ever read the book Cancer (Think Outside the Box) by Ty Bollinger ? That book will show you just how processed food and big pharma work to sabotage a healthy mind and body , Cancer survivor twice . Good job keep going.

Comment edited on: 4/30/2013 10:27:04 AM

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GWTRIKER 4/29/2013 6:42PM

    Thanks for another great blog. You pointed out quite a few things.

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CTUPTON 4/29/2013 6:13PM

    Thanks for the great graphics and thought about self sabotage! Chris

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PATRICIA441 4/29/2013 5:55PM

  Great Blog!! Thanks for sharing!

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SANDRALEET 4/29/2013 5:44PM

    I tried everything under the sun and I found real food in moderation the best for me.

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SCENIC_ROUTE 4/29/2013 5:35PM

    Hope your back heals fast and emoticon on continuing to juice.
I know emoticon emoticon

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PHATPAT18 4/29/2013 5:21PM

    You state a lot of truths. It's crazy what we do to our minds and our bodies. If only we could get the both in sync.

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ELIZABETH5268 4/29/2013 5:16PM

    Good way to put it into perspective for those who may still hold themselves back!

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SIMCYN 4/29/2013 5:10PM

  I am the queen of self sabotage. I think I will steal your stop sign and put it on my desktop. thanks

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KAYDE53 4/29/2013 4:45PM

    Hope you're better soon! I know I'm guilty of self-sabotage. emoticon for the great reminder & inspiration!

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    I hope you have a speedy recovery.

Report Inappropriate Comment
FLMOMX2 4/29/2013 4:19PM

    Very true!! emoticon

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ASTRA58 4/29/2013 4:00PM

    Good for you for breaking the cycle of self-sabotage!!

Report Inappropriate Comment
CHANTENAY 4/29/2013 3:50PM

    I agree, there is no perfect time to start. I also liked what Psychology Today said. Thanks for sharing that with us. I had to learn that if there are other things I want to do, I have to fit it in with SP. Now I am happy doing it all in balance.

I'm sorry about your knee and back. It sounds like you are doing the right things.

Nice blog!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KANDOLAKER 4/29/2013 3:48PM

    What an outstanding, superb blog. Yes, there are so many times I self-sabotage - and don't even realize that I am doing it. I'll keep you message and I thank you so much for sharing.

Best wishes with your juicing - and I certainly hope your back is better soon!!

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    You are right. I fooled around for about 5 months until I finally decided I would go to a yoga class with a bum foot (there were other excuses before the foot was injured) and I have not looked back. Wishing you relief from the pain.

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KING_SLAYER 4/29/2013 3:30PM

    We are all guilt of self sabotage in one way or another. I'd say that most of us here on Spark are guilt of sabotaging our own health for a variety of reasons. It usually takes something big to happen for us to become aware of what we are doing. At least being here on Spark is a way to acknowledge that we must make ourselves a priority.

I hope you get the kinks worked out of your back, I know how incredibly un-fun a painful back can be!

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SOFT_VAL67 4/29/2013 3:28PM

    thanks for sharing this uplifting blog
i really needed it, i have been guilty of self sabatoge for far too long
sorry to hear about your knee
dont wait around if its bugging you, get it checked out
about 3 years ago i slipped on wet pavement and felt like i had pulled a muscle in my knee
turns out i had a torn meniscus and had to have arthoscopic surgery
i was doing great til i broke my foot in january
so, we have these little set backs but they wont hold us back only we can do that
so get your knee checked out
and thanks again, i saved some of these pics to remind me when i need reminding.... emoticon

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NATPLUMMER 4/29/2013 3:24PM


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