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Juicing day 4

Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 4 is going pretty well and i seem to hate the world a little less in spite of it being a Monday. I'm still patting myself on the back for how the timing worked out. The weekend was just what I needed to get through days 2 and 3. I've heard days 4 and 5 are the worst. And also 2 and 3 are the worst. What do you other juice fasters think? I honestly don't know. It's all kind of the same.

I have great moments and crappy moments each day. I've noticed that when I start feeling crappy, it means I need to drink more juice. I don't actually like drinking the juice though so part of me rebels against it or whatever. But once I get through it, I feel ok for awhile. I have no idea how much I'm drinking. I've never been good at keeping track of things but I'm pretty sure it's not enough. It's tricky to get enough. I've had some smoothies too because its kind of easier. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't other people are doing the fast using smoothies but it sorta feels like cheating. You're still digesting. So what's the benefit? No really, I'm asking. Not judging. I hate when things aren't black and white and this is a huge grey area for me. What's the best way? And don't say whatever works for me because that doesn't compute in my brain. All I know is smoothies are more economical cuz you're not blowing through as much produce. And it's easier to stick chia seeds and protein powder and almond milk in there to get a little fuller. But is it the best way? Or what's the drawback of doing that? I really don't know.

Anyway, I'm down about 4lbs. I definitely feel less bloated and gross. I can't wait till there's a 15something on the scale. At this rate, that will be about 4 more days which feels like a long time so I'm not focusing on that. I haven't been horribly tempted yet. There's moments and hunger pangs but I'm able to redirect my thoughts pretty easily. Even last night, Chris was making a pretty tempting dinner and I started to feel the pangs of regret that I couldn't eat it but I just stayed in the living room and watched tv and drank my herbal tea. And it was fine. Then after that he made me some watermelon, cucumber, mint juice which was delicious. He really is the best. Not to get all schmoopy but I'm so so so so so lucky to have my husband. He is the most selfless person I know.

So I keep telling myself just because its hard doesnt mean I need to quit. And how good it will feel to actually make some progress as opposed to just going round in circles like I've been doing. And how much I just want to accomplish a goal. To push myself and not give in and quit. If I could lose 15 or 20lbs doing this, that would be amazing. And it's completely possible. And I'm just trying not to think of it in terms of what I'm giving up, but that this is helping me become the kind of person I want to be. It doesn't mean I'll never eat pasta again. It's just helping me break the hold pasta has over me so that I can have a healthy moderate relationship with food in the future. Right?

I still don't completely know how to transition off the fast. Like I'm really interested in people who have done an extended juice fast and kept the weight off long term. There's tons of people that blog while they are on it and I've encountered a few that have updated after and gained all the weight back. But I haven't found too many examples of people who have kept the weight off or how they ate after the fast. I know it's not a quick fix. I know you can't break the fast and go back to cheese burgers. But what do you do to be successful? I want to get to the point where I'm in maintenance and can eat primarily plant based but everything in moderation. i dont think its unrealistic is it? i mean i know the general school of thought is whatever you do to lose weight is something you should feel comfortable doing long term and obviously i dont want to juice fast for the rest of my life but i do want to incorporate juice and juicing long term. and i do think that my eating habits have evolved quite a bit and that Im on my way to figuring out what will work for me long term. this is just a kickstart. does that make sense? But id still really like to know how other people are being successful with it so point me in the direction of some success stories please!

I haven't really noticed any detox symptoms except the headache but I think that's more carb withdrawal than anything else. I do have some tingly ness in my legs. I remember the other times I juiced I had like a dull ache in my legs. This is more of a tingle. Weird. I hope I get some more energy soon. I really want to get active. I'm debating about doing some walking or yoga after work. I don't want to push too much too soon and the energy thing is still pretty moment to moment. I'm afraid of thinking I'm up to something and then like going to yoga and realizing I don't have the strength yet. And tomorrow is the ominous day 5 where I've quit both other times. I don't want to throw myself off.

Anyway, that's me on day 4.
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  • BRADMILL2922
    Good for you for sticking with it. I'm sure it can't be easy at times but it sounds like you are really committed and doing great! Keep it up!
    1760 days ago
    I won't add any suggestions. After reading the others, I can't think of anything else to add.

    I can't say that I had any especially bad days. Perhaps the first couple of days, just because I had to break the habit of wanting to nibble. I really felt bad during the fast, I almost immediately felt better and slept better. Everyone is different. I only do fruit juice after I exercise. I use it as a reward plus, after exercise, my body should be able to handle the sugar better. I also do veggie broth. I add spinach after the broth is hot and then immediately get it off the stove. Then I whirl it up in the blender. The nutrients of the spinach should be retained that way.

    You are doing great.
    stay strong
    1760 days ago
    I don't know if juice is better than smoothies, i can only share my experience. I did a 10 juice fast because of "Sick, fat and nearly dead." I lost 12 pounds doing it, but I ate dinner because I didn't want my kids, especially my daughter, to get the wrong idea about food. You can't explain a juice fast to a then 7 year old. I used a lot more veggies than I did fruit, so I'm not sure about the sugar spikes. I felt great when it was over. I was worried about gaining weight when I started eating "normal" food again. I found myself eating a lot more veggies then following few weeks. I mentioned before it took the sweet and carb cravings away. I DID lose weight for the next 2 weeks, I remember it that because I was so worried about it. I don't remember what happened after that, I guess it didn't matter. I's hate to think that you're absolutely miserable doing this, but I believe it really does help.
    1760 days ago
    1760 days ago
    Just take it one day at a time. If you get to a point where you have to make that decision cross that bridge then.

    Ok.. I think you (like many others juicing) are worrying too much about these darn calories. I know its a mind set from all those other plans we have followed all along. Don't worry about the calories. If you are drinking at least 64 oz of juice in your day you should have around 1200 calories. I would try to push more in the begining - you will stop feeling hungry after you hit a month juicing.

    If you really enjoy fruits use the fruity drinks early in the morning. Then do the 80/20 for the rest of the day.

    You are doing great. Giving your body juice/smoothies is doing wonders for your body and you are doing it! Now stop worrying and enjoy the process. emoticon
    1760 days ago
    its interesting that you say it might slow weight-loss. I wasn't even really thinking of that. Hmmm. Not sure how I feel about that. Obviously i want to lose as much as possible. I was hoping that it would help me get near my calorie minimum but really I have no idea. I'm not counting calories. I wouldnt even know how. I just thought it hope help my metabolism but thats not WHY I'm drinking some smoothies. I'm only doing it because its convenient. So I guess Ill just take it day by day. Do it when I need to.

    also do you guys worry about too much fruit? spiking the blood sugar and all that? I've read some stuff, which I'm sure I can't even articulate correctly but something about how sugar turns to fat really easily. Like right now I'm drinking juice with Grapefruit, carrots, apple, cucumber and ginger. That's definitely not 80/20 like I've seen suggested. I try not to add too much fruit but my juicer is not good with leafy greens AT ALL so its really hard to get enough juice. Eventually I want to get a hand crank wheat grass juicer and grow my own wheat grass. Those are better for leafy greens.

    Thanks for the advice/support guys!!
    1760 days ago
    Congratulations Nikki! I'm so proud of you! Wish I could say more but stuck sparking from my phone. emoticon
    1760 days ago
    ngratulations on hanging in there, and the weight loss. And you are blessed to have an awesome hubby who is supporting you during this time.

    You have lots of great questions. The answers will differ as we all have different bodies and different perspectives. Here are my answers:

    Days 2-3 were the worst for me. Everything hurt, even the ends of my hair. I couldn't move because my muscles were in so much pain. Day 4 I started feeling a bit better and on day 5 suddenly everything seemed brighter. Day 7th I woke up from the best sleep of my life ever, and i has continued since then.

    Juices vs Smoothies: You are right about using your digestion. With the smoothie you have pulp which the body needs to work to break down. In Juices it is already broken down. Cheating or no cheating is a personal issue. It all depends what you want to get out of it. As of nutrients you get the same I believe with either, the difference is that in the smoothies you have to retain some water to be able to break the pulp down and therefore there is a chance that you may not lose as much as if you were juicing. It seems it has been working for you so until the weight loss stalls or totally stops I don't see the harm.
    Almond milk & Coconut milk have a lot of fat, which I believe triggers the gallbladder to secrete juices which wakes up the digestive system. You combine that with the pulp and protein powder it just might stop or slow down your weight loss. But maybe your body is more efficient than mine and you will keep on losing. Again- if you are consistently losing weight I wouldn't make any changes until you have to.

    Pleaaaaaase stop focusing on the end of the fast. If you do that, you won't make it through. Trust me. Split it in small increments 1-3 days at a time. When you get there go for another 1-3 days. It will make small victories more enjoyable and before you know it you will be at day 60. And don't worry about how to break the fast. By the time you reach day 60 you will have figured it out. So just focus on today and making it through the day.
    Also, pasta... ugh.. that is a tough one. I have PCOS and the reason Paleo fell apart is because i allowed refine carbs back into my system. Not sure what I will do when I am faced with that decision. For right now I am focusing on Day 52 and we will see when I get to 2 weeks after I break fast what to do with them carbs.

    I am 8 days away from breaking fast. I will keep on blogging daily to see how the transition goes. I plan to switch to paleo for a month and then probably do another juice fast to get me to goal. The way you are thinking is the way I am too. I won't be juicing this strictly for the rest of my life, just enough to get me to goal. Then I will do a combo of juicing and paleo and see how that goes.
    Remember this is a process. We have been lied all our lives that it is our fault our bodies are obese and this is showing us otherwise.
    You will get through day 5 without an issue because you know you have the support of your family and your Spark family!
    Congrats again on your success,and hang in there because after day 5 things become easier!
    emoticon emoticon

    1760 days ago
    Revived you're doing great!! I'll answer my thoughts on the "smoothies". Using the nutribullet and adding enough water (sometimes more after so I can put more stuff into it) I am drinking a liquid. I don't like it too thick and smoothie like. I know it's still not "juicing" but it works for my lifestyle. Remember it's what ever works for each individual. It's important to think your getting enough nourishment and I think I do. I only add water, I don't use other liquids, and I add almonds or ground flax seed - which chops up into the liquid.
    I plan to blog later about what I think the juice fast is doing for me, and it has more to do with not eating the food and not eating the foods I used to eat. I'll go more in depth in the blog. But if I were you don't worry about the difference between the two as far as how it digests etc. your not chewing and that's what matters the most. I was thinking of doing a soup mixture with the bullet to get more veggies, some may say that is cheating as well. But if I'm drinking then I'm good with it. :)
    Btw I'm on day 7, ending the first week... Happy dance! I'm down 11 lbs as of this morning too. It's been a rough day for me... I'll probably blog about it.
    I'm glad you're doing well. And if you can't see it yet... You're already having some great thoughts coming out of this. I love how it puts our brains into overload on everything! And yes! You'll come out of this with a much better relationship with food. As the days pass and you continue on, you will notice all those changes and it's great! :)
    Keep at it! You're doing fantastic!

    1760 days ago
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