End of Month report + Texas State Rowing Championships.

Monday, April 29, 2013

So….. my "Project Reboot" started at the end of March and ran all the way through April. I set myself a bunch of nutritional and positive habit goals like getting back on Spark, getting more veggies, more sleep, more water etc. I can't say that I EVER got to 100% of my goals every day BUT I can say that I DO feel a lot more energetic and physically healthy.

SO, I am declaring VICTORY! Yay! Project Reboot = a success! Congratulations, GO ME! LOL. Ok, it sounds silly but I think it's important to stop and recognize our own achievements and give ourselves some credit. I saw I was in a slump and I took action to fix it, yay! Of course, now I have a whole BUNCH of new goals for May. Hee. Because self-improvement never stops!

My new goals I think will have a little more of a workout component to them. I need to figure out what I need to do to get faster in a boat. So I will be reading more about training and trying to implement those suggestions. Because…. ROWING! :)

Last weekend I was at the Texas State Rowing Championships which is (sort of) the last regatta for the Spring Master's spring season for us. We may go to a fun race in Fort Worth in June and possibly Oklahoma City Fourth of July, but those are not locked down yet, and they are definitely not as competitive as State. Anyway, so I was in the 4x (quad), the 2x (double), and the 8+ (the big boat!) . For all of our races, I felt like we did pretty adequately in terms of the technical stuff like getting the boat down there, keeping the boat together and steering, and so on. All of this is important and since we've been racing for a year it's taken this long to feel comfortable in all aspects of it.

Our first race was the 4x and although my boat felt ok I think I cranked the stroke rate up too high for us, so that is something we need to work on. We were 4th in that race I think. We had a very fast turn around after that to go jump in the 8+. We haven't been rowing the 8+ much this year so we didn't do very well in that but again, as far as technique it wasn't a bad race.

Now, the 2x was a little harrowing because we had a technical difficulty right at the start where we had lost a nut off of our rigger, but we were able to ask the race officials about it and the coach's launch came over and fixed us right up and it didn't even delay the race. I myself have never had an on-the water repair before so that was a new experience for me. Honestly it did not do a damn thing for my nerves but I felt like we were able to settle down for the race itself.

ANYWAY, so results. Overall, our team did really well. That was exciting to see, especially how well our juniors did. Because last year at this race they were NOT doing so very well at all and of course they were disappointed - this year they brought home THREE first place trophies and lots of other medals. But for me personally, I wasn't in any boats that medalled. So I was a little disappointed. Technically speaking I am a pretty good rower but I am not as strong physically as some of the other girls and so I am in the "B" quad and a double that is not one of the better ones. Anyway I have been reading a lot about different fitness stuff and I have a whole bunch of ideas but I think I am just going to start off with a few changes to focus on and they are:

1) Do a short core fitness routine every day
2) Spend an hour a day sitting on my balance ball chair (rather than my comfy chair) to work on posture.
3) Spend an hour a day working on my treadmill desk to work on some overall endurance and just get myself out of that chair.
4) Go ahead and call that personal trainer and see him once a week.

I think that is plenty to wrap my head around to start with! I really mostly row as my main exercise and although it is fun I think I need to do some other things that are HARDER than rowing so I can get better in the boat. That is my thinking anyway.

Anyway, overall although I was disappointed with my racing results this season, I think it's important to recognize how far we have come. I have been rowing three years now and this time last year we were really only starting to learn how to compete! So overall it has been a very good year. Also I have overall seen my fitness improve in terms of my racing times, it's just not where I would like it to be, but I have to remind myself that IMPROVEMENT means I am moving in the right direction and I think the steps I am going to take will make a difference! It's important to have some perspective - I am all excited about turning myself into a competitive athlete and then I get disappointed when I don't do as well as the others and I have to remember where I came from - 50 pounds overweight and not doing any exercise at all! The goal of rowing is to do a fun activity that I enjoy and hang out with friends, and even if I am not improving as fast as I would prefer - I am still improving! :)

Anyway! Happy Monday, ya'll.
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  • SUGIRL06
    You've come a long way- something to be proud of!
    And I'm totally jealous of your treadmill desk!!
    1787 days ago
    Sounds like you are meeting your goals very well. You have a lot planned for this next month, good for you!! Your rowing sounds very fulfilling, I think it's a fabulous activity and am so happy you love it so much. Keep up the great work.
    1787 days ago
    Great report. I ned to visit TX to get some water time one of these days....
    1788 days ago
    That's a great report!

    I'm in line with many of the things that you describe (short of competition), especially with core strength and training.

    I think that you're doing a super job, but I am highly biased.

    1788 days ago
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