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Day 26

Monday, April 29, 2013

Didn't go to the gym yesterday. I do want to go back to the Sunday morning Spin class, but I didn't want to waste any time or energy yesterday.

My husbands mom and stepdad came out and took our son for the day. They went to the Buffalo Zoo too see all the animals. Then they went to let him see Niagara Falls.

We on the other hand stayed home and cleaned out the attic. We had the attic separated. "My stuff" aka, holiday decorations, baby supplies, canning jars, cake pans, chocolate molds, ect. on one side. His "stuff" aka mostly garbage that should have been taken care of years ago, on the other. We started on my side, brought it down, reboxed most of it, got ride of a few things. We did have a van load of stuff to take to the Salvation Army though. So we had lunch and took that stuff down the street. Then we stared his side. Most of it went to either the Salvation Army or the garbage. He did keep some things, but not much.

We worked for about 5 hours on this, up and down (times like a hundred) the staircase to the attic. Up and down the staircase out front. Very very very exhausting. I didn't need to go to the gym, I got sweaty, I did heavy lifting, I went up and down, up and down, up and down.Two van loads to the SA, about 6 boxes of garbage, plus like 4 bags. Most of the garbage got picked up by people who sell it or something. I don't care, it is no longer of my concern, no longer taking up my space.

Oh, before I forget, Saturday I hurt my back. I was looking in the kitchen cupboard, when I dropped something. I pushed the door close and leaned down to get it. When I was down the door moved back open, I stood up. I got the corner of the cupboard door right in my back. It felt like it went through me.

Since my husband didn't put a bandaid on it Saturday night, or Sunday, I asked my sister-in-law to help me. Yes, the SIL who kicked us out. So we are talking to them again. Something we haven't done in over a week since our eviction.

Okay, so here is the thing. Back in 2010 when they decided to buy a house (and we were pregnant) they wanted us to be their tenants. We were happy. When husband lost his job in November, they were really nice to us, as we were unemployed for a week and a half.

Now, we have a monthly rent payment, but we worked it out so that we would pay in 4 weekly installments. With the new job we make less money. Also he gets holidays off, which is good and bad. So the first week of January we had a small check and could only pay part of what we owed for the week. But over the next 3 weeks we caught up, so at the end of January we were paid up. Easter caused the same problem.

Also, my husband had been getting 58 hrs a week, but now we are lucky to get any more than 40, hell we sometimes don't even get 40. Now rent was always our main concern. We also need to make sure we don't lose our heat, electricity or car insurance. Oh and having gas in the tank so we can get to work is also important. We went without a lot of things. I basically had to beg my mom to get my son new sneakers since he grew out of them, and we didn't have the $11 for a new pair. We don't pay for TV, we would go without internet, I would go without minutes on my phone, we get food stamps, we don't have new clothes or anything, I have to save for weeks to pay for the races I love so much. We always did our best. When we couldn't pay rent in full we had all intentions of paying it back up ASAP. That was when they decided that we were no longer trust worthy, and they had ALREADY FOUND SOMEONE willing to pay more. They basically lead us to believe (and we have other proof) that all they care about is money, and things.

These people used to live off no tv, one plain cellphone for the entire family, nothing. Now, they both have smart phones, the 18, 15 and 14 yr olds have cell phones that they pay for, they have direct TV, and they recently got a tablet, which I saw the 3 yr old playing with. Fine I get it, this is what people do these days, but this is not who they were. They changed, they want to have all these things, and being nice to family (us) was not part of that. In my eyes they threw their 2 yr old nephew to the streets. They never gave warning that this was to come. It really felt out of the blue. We always explained our situation, we always talked to them, they didn't talk with us. Family is supposed to talk things over I thought.

On the upside, they are not making us pay rent anymore so we can afford to get the new place. I was so mad when this first happened because I didn't think we would find anything. We played with the idea of moving to Texas. I was so scared that we would find our selves homeless. Or if we did find a place it would be crap. I didn't think a week ago that we would have found this amazing apartment, it puts us almost half an hour closer to my husbands family. It puts us way closer to work, and the gym. It puts me close to places I might be able to get a job at night.

That is the story. I'm not looking for pity, I know we were not perfect. I am trying to make people see that this was not 100% our fault. They changed, and there was nothing we could do. Heck, there is a chance that even if we weren't "late" with rent that they still would have kicked us out. I hate saying late, month to month we weren't. We never didn't pay, we made at least a partial payment.

I'm done looking back, I'm done being mad. Things really are working out for the best. We will no longer have a city address, we will have off street parking. Oh, and I finally get a hardwood floor in my bedroom. My husband is not so happy about it, but I'm so excited, & my son's room will have a ceiling fan, so he can stay cool in the summer. Also the kitchen cabinets are higher so I won't hurt myself like I did this weekend.

Well, I'll probably be going to the gym tonight for Zumba. I'm getting much better with my eating. & I'm sure everyone is bored reading this by now.

Thank you so much for reading.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been nice and supportive to me as we go through this transition.

Hopefully by mid may (or before) I can start talking about weight loss and healthy eating & exercising again, no complaining about my life. Though our lives do play a role in weight loss, and getting things off our chests help too. If we bottle things up then we will resort to not so healthy habits. At least I know I do.

Thank you again.

Have a wonderful day.
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    I am so sorry that your family essentially decided they would rather have material things and find someone else to pay higher rent than to accommodate and spend time with their family. That is truly sad. I am just happy that you found a place you WANT to live, and all the perks of the actual place and the location to where you can be closer to loved ones. You are doing so great handling all of this stress and when you get settled into your new place you will have more time and energy to make weight loss a priority again. But right now you are taking care of your family and taking care of business, and for that I am proud of you! emoticon emoticon
    1787 days ago
  • LJOYCE55
    I love that you are turning this around and recognizing all the good things that came out of the whole moving thing. In addition, it is a brand new start for your family - new job, new house. With your positive attitude, I think you will have forgiven / forgotten the family issues within a few short weeks. Congratulations and I hope your back feels better soon.
    1788 days ago
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