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An update on the 'save our home' fight and cracker house possibilities!

Monday, April 29, 2013

emoticon Life brings you angels when you MOST need them! emoticon I have several angels in my life right now and I'm feeling mighty BLESSED.

There are ALL of my spark angels (bestest of the BEST) emoticon

And then there is my little realtor angel. She is the one that I told you happened into our consignment gallery maybe 6 months back and happened to mention that she and her hubs were remodeling an old Florida Cracker house.

I perked up at this information being in a pretty dismal depressive state of mind. That's going to happen to you after fighting for almost 3 years to save our beautiful home from the creepster lender who is h** bent on stealing it!

You know the story...we paid them NINE months of modified trial payments after the housing industry (our construction biz before we opened the consignment gallery) crashed here in SW FL and we had absolutely NO business and ultimately ran out of savings. We were in the absolute CRAPPIEST 6 month adjustable rate loan of all time! Pathetic that I fell for this gimmick.

Then even MORE pathetic that I was told they wouldn't even consider helping us until we went late with a trial modification. This is called dual tracking...and inducement. You just keep taking any money you can squeeze out of the homeowner and move them into foreclosure while you are manufacturing the fake docs that you need to do it.

These people should be HORSE WHIPPED!

Even though GMAC forged and lied and used robo-signers and a slime ball lawyer out of Ft. Lauderdale to generate bogus documents...yada...yada...yada
...it's just a boring story by now.

But the bottom line is we did EVERYTHING right and jumped through every single hoop they set forth and then jumped through other hoops they placed after the first marathon. It's sickening and disgusting and in my mind they are mafia~oso's that our government has allowed to plunder the American public just because they hold them hostage by the money they have...and walk around in $2,000 zoot~suits lobbying their butskies off and throwing their stolen money around!

Can you tell that I've HAD it with these thieves? Yes...you'd be right on that conclusion!

But back to the realtor and the cute little cracker house that I fell intimately in love with...I mean head over heels in love with!!!

Sometimes having vision for what something can be is a heavy cross to bear. Not that I had to stretch too far...just look at the pics on my earlier blogs...it's adorable with a capital A!

Only downside BUSY street...and not in the BEST part of town. Not that I'm the least bit prejudice...I'm all about live and let live...I just don't want my stuff stolen! emoticon

But the realtor assures me that the whole time they had the remodeling team working there...sometimes late at night...no one ever felt unsafe and nothing has ever been tampered with on the construction site. That's saying alot...when we used to work on million dollar homes in gated communities stuff was stolen off job sites constantly!

Soooo last Friday the realtor met with the City of Bonita Springs to explore the chances of the home being zoned commercial...because of the busy street she has had difficulty selling it as a single family home. She invited me to go along if I wanted to and of course I did.

The house is already zoned 'light commercial' it could be a Bed & Breakfast, a cafe, a group home, offices, or something in those categories.

BUT...the zoning people are a little skitish about giving it blessings for anything highly commercialized because the biggest share of the houses all around it are still residential.

I can see their point. I asked if it could be a gallery which is what we'd like it to be and they said if it benefited the community it most likely could. Of course consignment benefits the community...and the planet as well because it recycles otherwise cast off furniture and home accessories.

I also asked how safe this area was, did they have any police reports regarding theft, drugs, domestic violence? They pulled up records and no they have not.

Not that I'll leave it at that with the zoning department...before we did anything radical about making a formal offer on the place I'd march right down to the local police sub station which is only about 3 blocks from where the house is and check into the location further. Kind of reassuring knowing that it is located only minutes away...maybe that is a deterrent within itself. emoticon

The one bummer part of the meeting was that Deb told me before we went in that she had TWO offers on the place! emoticon One she said she knew would never go anywhere as it was a young couple with VA financing that would not even begin to cover the financing.

BUT the other offer was cash...as we ALL know in the realty world CASH is king. It was considerably UNDER the price they were asking and they had just dropped the price by $10,000 so she said they would definitely counter offer.

BUMMER...I was SO sad to hear this...I almost didn't stay for the meeting..but then I thought..well what the heck..I'm here so in we went.

The meeting resolved the biggest question the realtor had...could the property go full commercial...it was pretty much concluded that it won't for a good 5 years down the road.

They will look at it in about a year or so..so the door isn't entirely closed. This was good to hear.

After the meeting we left the offices and chatted for a good 1/2 hour or so. We have SO many things in common! This realtor has a big heart and volunteers to minister to young adults in jail. She got quite passionate in the meeting when she asked about the group home status and the zoning people said THAT wouldn't happen. She and I both said...well you know alot of the problems with our young adults here in Bonita is because they are so BORED out of their skulls with no outlets that they tend to turn to self destructive devises just to entertain themselves.

The head zoning guy said..."Hey I'm not against group homes and helping those that need the help...this just isn't the proper location to do it." We both felt better that he explained this and didn't just look like some pompus puss with power.

So leaving the meeting I had a little bit of a heavy heart. I thought...oh well this is the universe telling me this isn't the deal for us.

I e-mailed the realtor the next day and thanked her for inviting me and to please keep me posted on the status of the house. I told her we have a status conference coming up on May 8th and after that I'll probably find out what is going to happen with our home. I told her that if we could work out some deal on this house and if any other's don't work out, or the house is still available when we know what our status is that I'd do my best to get her the listing for our house on a short sale. I told her that if she helped us...I'd do my utmost to pay it back.

That's the way it SHOULD work in this world, but sadly seldom does.

She wrote back this a.m. and said both deals fell through...aha...hope springs eternal. You should NEVER give up on an idea. If I would have walked away from that meeting hearing that she had two offers I never would have gotten the information I needed to make an educated decision about the house should it still be available for us.

I never would have found out so much background about what a wonderful person this little gal is. In fact...if I hadn't gone to see the house even though the price seemed impossible and suggested the mere thought of some creative financing NOTHING would have occurred in the first place.

I'm here to tell you...NO doesn't ALWAYS mean NO..sometimes it means just not now.

Stay sparky my friends...don't ever give up on your sweet self, your goals, your dreams, and your future. If you WANT it...and want it BAD enough...you can create your own reality.

Just sayin'.... emoticon emoticon

If it's meant to be...it shall be. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Keep the faith...and your perky spirit, my friend. emoticon
    1685 days ago
    Best wishes
    1687 days ago
    Remember what I told you to do with the address? DO IT!! It will work. (From your favorite witch....) emoticon
    1689 days ago
    Everything "seems" to be moving along slowly but still moving forward.... I mean, it is not a "yes" for you to keep your house or get the cracker house BUT it is not "no" either. You have a lot of fortitude with 3 years of hell with a big institution which says a lot to me about the kind of people you and your husband are. emoticon Needless to say, I want what's best for you but, most of all, PEACE of mind and soul no matter what happens. emoticon
    Love, Chelsea
    1690 days ago
    Yep staying on a dream isn't EASY but worth it.... I smiled at your report on the creackerhouse realtors etc ... Because it reminds me of doing my story on the Spriutal Relam " still GROWING 12 years to delovop it.!!!!!! emoticon

    I'm working on the " basics" for my readers a bit later on ... ( my balance issues bugging me today.. Ugh!!!!!!! emoticon

    Hope you get the creaker house of your dreams ........ emoticon By way did you visit my blog lately? ( I've written a few ... Which is unusaual for me not chattyyyyyyyy ......) emoticon
    1690 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/30/2013 4:35:19 PM
    I just delighted in Wiki’s definition of cracker (in the pejorative) and (Florida) cracker in both the historic and contemporary usages. Until now, the only crackers I regularly purchase are the celebratory crackers used as a fun table ornament at each person’s place setting that is opened with a light fire-cracker pop and surprise (includes a cracker-jack-like prize and funny).

    Great networking for where your future may take you! Looking forward to see how this process and your life (albeit, a bit scary in the not knowing department) develops. Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    1690 days ago
    The little cracker house has such personality. Hope the best path to take will open up for you soon.
    1690 days ago
    Good luck! Hoping and praying that all goes in your favor. Dream and dream big!
    1690 days ago
    hope you manage to create your own realty
    1691 days ago
    That's great that you learned so much more about the status of the house and got to know the realtor better. It sounds like things are really moving along. Even if this house turns out to be not the right place for you, the realtor sure seems like someone that could help find the right place down the road if necessary.

    I feel confident that all your hard work will pay off in the long run.

    1691 days ago
    Glad you found out about the zoning etc. and with that pic I still can't say gee its a "little" house lol
    XXXXX all body parts crossed for you whichever way you want most.

    1691 days ago
    If it's meant to be...it shall be
    If not. Something better will come. emoticon
    1691 days ago
    Wow it is exciting to hear that the cute house may be yours someday! And it is great that you met a realtor that is an interesting full character. (My first realtor in this town is still my best hiking buddy). The zoning changes make it more iffy ... but it is great that you are so interested and excited about the place! emoticon
    1691 days ago
    Wonderful blog. Do hope and pray you get this house.
    1691 days ago
    1691 days ago
    If the enemy can’t stop your blessing, he will try to take your joy out of it. Some criticism comes as a distraction to rob you of what God has already given you.
    Stay focused on your goals friend and you will succeed!

    1691 days ago
    I hope it all works out for you, whatever that is, either staying in your home or getting this one.

    Good luck.
    1691 days ago
    The house is beautiful! Wishing you all the best. As for the crooks, I mean the lenders on your current house experience the karma they deserve.
    1691 days ago
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