I'm Baacckkk!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Okay after 6 days in ICU and being put there because of vomiting uncontollably and then my diabetic body going into the big DKA (which in 30 years Ive never had)Im back......I worked as a server all week in a busy restaurant with the topper yesterday which was slam ass busy and I survived....yes I was a little tired ....yes I was a little sore but I made it ...and I can pay my electric bill this month ...always a plus..today monday morning I am heading back to the gym..im going slow so dont think Im pushing to hard..I figure 20 minutes on the bikes and then some strength training for these floppy muscles that havent lifted a weight in 2 1/2 weeks...going slow with that too maybe only one set each instead of my usual 2 ...I feel so much better than the run over by the bus that I was 2 weeks ago ...then the stomach issues that made it so I couldnt even drink water...I am enjoying ice cold water every minute of every day and not taking it for granted ever again..have a great day all
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