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I had a Dear Spark Friend and her DH for a Spark recipes Lunch.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I blew everything today. I was having a Spark friend to lunch.
I had my menu planned. Knowing my friend loves vegetables and knowing her son is a chef and a good cook herself. I had no problem coming up with a good meal not too complicated and all the leftovers would be meals for DH and I for a couple more healthy meals already made. I like that part, no need to think about lunch or dinner and no thoughts of fast food either.

I had found a package of Wild Rice Blend in the store a while ago and I looked at the sauté I decided that would be a nice supper for guests. Long grain brown rice, Sweet brown rice, Wild rice, Whole grain Weham rice and Black Japonica rice.

Today I cooked the entire pound package of the rice blend and I used just one cup of rice for 4 of us. The remainder pre-portioned for DH and I for a future use.

The sauté on the packet added mushrooms, red onion, garlic, celery and 1 teaspoon of canola oil. Those vegetables were Sauté Micro waved and added to the rice along with 2 Tbs of soy sauce. It was fabulous.

I had Crust less Quiches "my way" I have reduced calories for Broccoli and Spinach quiche.
I cooked three small Spinach quiches this makes 12 serving's so 2 of those quiches are in the fridge for another lunch or dinner for DH and I .
We all enjoyed a super green salad and the "Bread" I made was Cauliflower Pizza Crust, cut in wedges to eat with the meal. It came out golden brown in a perfect circle.
The surprise was even our DH's liked it Woo Hoo.
Next time I do this it will be a PIZZA BASE and Gluten free.

My Spark friend was passing through Augusta and because of sickness, bad weather and my DH surgery we have not seen one another for months so it was really a big deal.
She brought me beautiful flowers and despite the visit being way too short we all had a very nice time.
After lunch they continued on their journey to a son's Birthday Party in Bangor Maine.
She was taking him his birthday cake. She makes all kinds of caked, birthday Wedding -anything and makes them often.

It was a beautiful cake. It was decorated with musical notes. It was exactly what I would like for a grown son who loves music. Alas I had not thought about taking a picture till they were on their way North.
She is such a good artist, and friend. The DH 's have become good friends too. They barely stopped talking the entire time they were together. Such a nice change for my DH too.

After they were gone DH picked up dishes with me because I still wanted to get the Fence completed today.
I did complete it and DH helped quite a lot. I needed to get more clay out from both sides and then I put down wet newspaper as advised and then I added cedar mulch.

DH complimented me by saying doing that the way I did, was a really great idea.
Now it will allow him to mow this annoying strip of grass that always looks a mess much easier. We are at the end of a Circle and as people arrive they drive straight towards that fence. I considered it to be an eyesore so I wanted it looking better and YES!! it sure does look much better.

After the fence had heaved with the winter there was a danger of the wood bowing.
Now if it heaves the soft Cedar bark will help protect it and hopefully reduce insect pests from attacking the wood.
All in all another wonderful, busy day. I accomplished my goal with the fence and the meal I served turned out very well indeed.
You will recall I said I used a number of Spark recipes today so it was easy to track. We knew we were all eating with portion control since I served all the pieces sliced or weighed for easy counting for the tracker. We drank water or coffee no sugar and no desert but everyone had a healthy meal and a very good time.
Thanks for the recipes, they all were keepers.

SPECIAL ADDITION for My NY Spark Friend,SCOOTER, Thanks for the suggestion. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Pat in Maine. emoticon
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