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Our dongle connection dodah fritzed :-( so catching up a bit now.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

First thing Thursday morning, Ken decided to connect his tablet to the interweb via our dongle thing and his tablet fritzed the dongle. Yesterday we went and got a new one. I didn't log on yesterday or friday, by the time I had done a load of running around yesterday it was too late to log on and I went to bed instead.

Our housing interview went well and the housing lady was saying about what happens if we are offered the flat etc and we asked if we would actually be offered this flat and she said "Oh yes, you will be offered it" which is the news that we have been praying for for 19 months now.
We are now waiting on the housing officer for the area that the flat is in to contact us to take us to a viewing of it. We said to the lady that we didn't need to see it, we were happy to sign for it there and then but apparently we have to see it first. We figured that where the walls and floor meets that there won't be holes that let water and drafts in. We reckoned that the flat wouldn't sway in a stiff wind and that it will be warmer in the cool weather and cooler in the warm weather so there is virtually no chance that we will turn it down unless Rose West is living downstairs! We'll give them a bell tomorrow to see if we can hurry up this viewing.

It dawned on us that when we move that we don't have normal house stuff. Our friend has a 3 piece suite for us, in his spare bedroom ready for moving. We have a bed and book shelves, a nest of coffee tables, 1 fish tank with cabinet and 2 other tanks with no cabinet - need to get searching for something to stick the tanks on PDQ. We have a freezer but no fridge, cooker or microwave. We do have a toaster and slow cooker so we can have stew and toast, just like we lived on from February 2011 - January 2012. Boring but quite calorie conscious.
I went online to look at prices for cookers, fridges etc and on a whim, as you do, I searched for Crockery. I turned up an 8 peice setting of Jasper Conran dinner service (1 dinner plate and 4 cups missing) for £10. Its nice, claret colour, pink & cream. I also searched for cutlery and turned up a 6 place setting canteen of cutlery in bronze and rosewood (not dishwasher safe but I don't really get the whole dishwasher thing), again for £10 so God is definitely giving us a hand here.
As we are moving to a nearby town, I googled the local church there, as our church - which is great but we are starting to feel a bit old as its full of students - is a good 45 minute drive away and as we are moving another 6 miles over, we thought that we would have a look today. Church started at 10.30am, we got there at about 10.15am, nice people met us at the door and introduced themself. They introduced us to John who stayed with us for the excellent service and then bore us off for coffee after. The lead pastor came over for a chat, about Greyhounds mostly, while drinking coffee and then we said our farewells and headed off to collect cutlery and crockery as mentioned above.

We got a good hour of walking as I got caught on the hop with a client's dog so I walked him for an hour today and took our own lot with us. The client might not like us walking ours with hers but I do not work Sundays so today was a bit of a favour for her.
Once home, I packed up some magazines and books - 3 boxes worth. I took the crockery set and wrapped it all up in newspaper and packed it away again ready for moving. I figure that if we pack a bit up each day that come moving day we will have little to pack except for clothes, wash stuff, food and our saucepans.

We are really excited about the move, we just want to get on with the viewing - measure up while we are there - sign the paperwork and get the keys. We cannot wait!

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