Sunday & Coupons

Sunday, April 28, 2013

There are 3 coupon inserts in today's newspaper: SmartSource, RedPlum, and Proctor & Gamble.

I didn't go to church today. I was not on duty to serve, and was disappointed (as a confirmed single person) last Sunday (marriage and sex sermon - great for the marrieds, tho). I was rushing to the shower this morning, running late, when I remembered last Sunday, which made me remember this Sunday was going to be about raising children. I was like, yippee! I am going back to bed! And I did.

It is a rainy, peaceful, very green foliage and very spring green day, and overcast day.

I asked myself what step of faith can I take that I'm not already doing, regarding getting a job? I want to step out in faith; some kind of action I can take by faith, even tho there's nothing in the natural. I decided to pack up and remove everything from my bedroom and take it to ministorage, in preparation of moving into my apt that I will get as soon as I have a job.

So I am going to start "packing to move out" today and this week, as my step of faith.

I will leave behind some clothes and food, a week or two's worth. I go to the town where my ministorage is once a week, so if I need anything I can get it out of there once a week for the upcoming week. I don't have much in this room, BUT, I can have LESS, and, I can start packing to move regardless.

Monday is job hunting and possibly Life Group.

Tues - Fri I'm at my piddly pay job.

I have been saving every penney to get my car legal. So I'm also going to do all the precursor steps this week to getting my car inspected: glue on mirror, oil change which is overdue so I can have them turn the mntc light off, and new wiper blades from Auto Zone (they will put them on for you for free if you buy them there, which is worth it to me, worth more than saving a buck at Walmart). I have to check the tires with a penney to see if there is enough tread to pass, and order from if there isn't. I'll price check two other local tire places before ordering, but FlyLady says delivers to your door and recommends them. Then I can get the inspection done and hope it passes. Getting an inspection is the first step in getting my car with expired Maryland tags, legal in North Carolina.

I took my supplements.

And I leave you with Jesus.

Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. Can you hear Him? Will you let Him in ?

In this upcoming busy week, make room for hearing Jesus, open the door, and let Him in.

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