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5K for Earth Day

Saturday, April 27, 2013

I have to admit I had not trained for this race at all. I kept "meaning too" but I never got up and actually TRAINED. So I went into this race with nothing but determination. Well, determination and Green Day (my music of choice for the day - American Idiot).

I was up at my normal 5 am. I had a good breakfast (Kashi GoLean with yogurt and blackberries is BEYOND YUMMY). I got dressed and we did our normal before pictures:

We got to the race early. I have to say, Humboldt park is lovely and FULL of dogs. It was fun spending about 45 minutes playing with multiple dogs in the park. Then they called for the line-up.

We had a great "warm-up" with the host/announcer. He is a personal trainer and really helped get the blood pumping. Then we had 26.2 seconds of silence for Boston. There was a lovely woman who sang the Star Spangled Banner, but tears to my eyes. Then, they blew the whistle.

The first mile was a breeze. I felt good and strong. My pace was really steady, gait felt good and open. I was dead middle of the pack. Perfect. Sun was shining and we had a nice breeze. Mile two was a carbon copy of mile one. I was rocking!

Then the lack of training HIT! And it hit hard. I started having trouble with my breath, but I kept pushing. I hit the 2.5 and I had a horrible stitch in my side. Legs were fine, torso was KILLING me. I felt like the air was leaving my lungs. Where the h-e-double hockey sticks was mile 3?

I almost dropped to a walk 3 times. I had the hardest time but I kept jogging. My turtles running through peanut butter quote kept going through my mind. Some how it worked with September?!? We started up the ONLY hill in the park and . . . what was that. The 3 mile mark? I huffed my way there and could see the finish - down hill.

I'm not certain where I found it, but I "sprinted" (as much as a running turtle can sprint) across the finish line. 31 min, 18 sec. Not a PR but that come out to a 10 min mile average. THAT I'm very happy with.

I walked it off, took pictures with some of the people I chatted with. Then hubby and I decided that China Town sounded yummy. So off to our favorite spot. We had about 45 minutes before the restaurant opened so we walked around, I ran up and down some stairs. I was playing with my runner's high.

Sitting in the restaurant, I looked at my fitbit. It wasn't on! I had not recorded one step for the race. I didn't know you could turn these things off. Still don't know how I did it. I was happy with my run but really upset over losing my step count.

Once I got home, I checked my fitbit and found out it had recorded only 200 steps on the day! I was pissy. Pissy lead to action. I was not going to let my 5K day be my worst day of the week for fitbit. I calculated my steps for the raced and the walking in China town by distance covered but that wasn't going to help my fitbit badges. emoticon

I harnessed the dogs and went back out the front door. We walked/ran a total distance of 5 miles. There girls were good but the trail was busy. I had a stupid interaction with some guy who was overly amazed that there was a snake on the trail. He really had to warn me, and the family on bikes. Good grief, call Ripley's, we are walking around a marsh and there was a real live snake. I really hope he went home and called the media! (End sarcasm) Some people should never venture into nature!

So the fitbit reads 10,525 for the day so far. I figured the I covered about 15,000 steps between the race and China town. So I'm going with a total of 25,000+ on the day. Not too shabby. Funny part is, I'm less tired today than after a day of work. Go figure!

Me and the Trainer/Host. Guy was cool!
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