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Girl rant/freak out time about boys.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

So I posted about the first date I had with a guy a few weeks ago. We still talk daily in text, we say goodnight each night and goodmorning each morning. And text throughout the day. We have planned to go disc golfing tomorrow, we planned it shortly after the first date.

I have SO wanted to see him before then though. I feel there might be a real possible connection here and I've just wanted to go be around him more! Last night (friday) I was so full of energy and SO BORED. So my friend in Milwaukee texts me saying she is bored too and suggested we meet halfway and do something.

My mind? "Oh. Hey. The Boy is halfway... and he works at Glow Golf....And he just texted me that the place isn't busy today..."

Well, needless to say the evening spontaneously turned into me and my friend meeting halfway and going to play Glow Golf where the Boy works. He was totally cool with it and let us actually play for free. And THEN he gave me free passes to take the kids I nanny for to a Glow Golf that is close to their house. HOW SWEET OF HIM!

When he was needing to close down for the night we were getting ready to leave and I received TWO hugs from him before going. Oh, did I mention when I got there he immediately leaned over the counter to hug me?

So tomorrow is the disc golf activity. He's bringing his best friend, who I've chatted with online already. AND got to meet him last night too! So instead of being nervous about meeting his best friend tomorrow, I can just be relaxed and enjoy.


I am very happy to say that I will have dropped 6lbs in the two weeks in between set dates.

I'm going to go by Goodwill later and treat myself to a new outfit. I haven't done that in a long time. Almost all of my clothes right now are hand-me-downs from friends as I got to smaller sizes and they purged their closets.

Eating; going great! Exercise: going great! Weight loss; going great!

I know most of this blog isn't about fitness or anything, but just life. And new experiences. And trying to find where a formally way fat girl, now slightly chubby girl fits in.

I am looking forward to trying out disc golf tomorrow though.
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