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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sometimes I write about my Plan Of Action. It changes every now and then when I have to "tweak" it to make sure that I am getting the most out of life. Learning to "LOVE MYSELF HEALTHY" has required a lot of learning, changing, compromising, and experimenting for me. It requires setting goals & defining how I intend to reach those goals. I work with a nutritionist, my doctor, a "coach" and use Sparkpeople's guidelines to help myself.

Here is my current PLAN OF ACTION:

1. LOSE WEIGHT (goal weight 185, goal date: Nov 2014?)
a. Define "abstinence" (caloric range 1500-2000)
b. ask myself "Why am I eating this?"
c. weigh in 1 time per week ONLY (Thur, per BLC)
d. Track all food & fitness daily (Spark trackers)

2. Exercise
a. At least 1 hour PER DAY for myself
b. continue to teach water aerobics & swim lessons
c. do at least 10 minutes of strength daily
d. do at least 30 minutes of cardio daily

3. Take at least 15 minutes per day JUST FOR DAWN
a. meditate
b. sit on porch & just "be"
c. listen to music & relax
d. enjoy the steam room

4. Use the tool of WRITING
a. Blog daily
b. journal
c. connect with friends (cards, emails)
d. stay active in Spark Teams

5. Criticize Less & Encourage More
a. focus on the positives, compliment people
b. put myself in other people's shoes (empathize)
c. send out spark goodies & cards (ecard & snail mail)
d. cut out gossip

6. Develope an Attitude of Gratitude
a. keep a Gratitude list daily (at least 5)
c. appreciate what I HAVE
d. ask myself "do I NEEd it or do I WANT it"

7. Face the Mirror with "I LOVE YOU"
a. do this daily, no matter what...OUT LOUD
b. start using make-up (even if just mascara)
c. spend some time washing & fixing hair
d. pay more attention to my clothes

Seven is my favorite number so I have opted to stop there for now. Who knows where I will be driven to go from here.

I've been doing most of this for quite some time now. On and off I have tried to spend more time on my appearance and I always go back to the "I don't care" attitude. I DO CARE and I want to SHOW myself that I am WORTH THE TIME & EFFORT. I always say that I would look better if I had more time. HMMMM. I always have time for everyone else. I DESERVE some of that time for myself. That's part of learning to LOVE MYSELF HEALTHY.

So, that's where my head has been today. In the meantime... here's the scoop:

Today has been a good day. I taught swim lessons first thing this morning. My students are doing GREAT. I had another student swim all the way to the deep end. That makes 4 that have done it now. That's a BIG DEAL considering the ages & fears of these wonderful adults. I am so proud of them. My heart could just burst with joy. Then I taught two water aerobic classes. They were VERY well attended. Everyone keeps telling me how much they missed me and how glad that they are I am back. It has really made me feel good about myself. It has also been good to hear them share what a good job that Becca (my DIL) did substituting for me and how much that they enjoyed her classes. After class I met my friend Sandra for lunch. We tried a new "weight watcher" selection at Applebee's and it was awesome! Lemon Parmesan Shrimp. Yum. Then it was time to go babysit the granddaughters. We had a really nice afternoon. My son brought the other two grandchildren over and they all played together, then went back to my house for dinner while I went back to the Y to teach my deep water class. No one showed up for class, which turned out to be a good thing because I had a terrible headache at that point. I just brought Becca home from work and relaxed for the rest of the night. I've spent much of it trying to chase down weight/stat info for my BLC and then doing the math so that I can get it all turned in tomorrow before the deadline is up. It looks like the team has done very well, no thanks to me with my 5 pound gain. That gain is one of the main reasons that I have been re-thinking my plan of action. I wanted to look at my caloric range and have cut it back by 500 calories. We'll see what happens now and I'll increase if I need to.

OH... I reset all my SparkPeople goals today so that I could be "a new ME" with my caloric range, exercise etc. Some times I just need to RE-DO!

Now it's late & I need to go to bed. I have to be in the pool at 8am and need some rest.

Bright blessings to you all. Sweet dreams!

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