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Rise and Shine and Week 2

Friday, April 26, 2013

I started the month with a Sunday morning healthy breakfast for Easter. I made an egg casserole with veggies.

We had as side dish roasted brussel sprouts, cucumber salad and a fruit salad for "desert" (with strawberries, pineapple and dragon fruit)

Love sharing a nice meal with my family... especially breakfast. recipes.sparkpeople.com/

The Rise and Shine Challenge was not really a challenge for me as I do at least one healthy habit each morning...
The challenge would be to exercise each morning... I exercise every day, but I do it at different time of the day depending on what I do.
With this challenge, I realized I much prefer to run in the morning. This month, I also went for runs at lunch time (as I do when I want to train at the gym, and spend some time with my DH)... and after work (I don't like it.... but I need to keep doing it because the championship race will be at 6:30PM.).
As for yoga, on week days, I practice at night ... and morning practice on the weekend. I really like both; different energy!

Last week, I was in Houston for a few days. My Rise and Shine habits were not affected by the change in the routine... at the very least, that was the healthy part of that break... I enjoyed the afternoon Happy Hours too much (not so healthy!) and the food.... The good side: it was my motivation to start - for real - my streak and be on Track.

I was very tempted last week. This week was easier. I was offered black forest cake at work, my daughter bake some brownies (healthy version but still...), my DH handed to me more chocolate truffles... and I was able to say no!

I enjoy trying new recipes of my own!

I made a beet fruity salad - you might think it is strange but it is very good!
Beets - cantaloupe and strawberries mix with spinach and balsamic vinegar.


I made individual Flatbread pizza on naan bread and salsa - toppings are flank steak (2.25oz), avocado, corn, onion, diced tomatoes and cilantro

And Maggie helped me preparing this meal! She rolled the spring rolls and I cooked the crab cakes... I even had crab cake leftovers, enough for two lunches! Wohoo!!!

This meal was very filling! Crab cake recipe with spicy aioli (light version of the sauce is NF Plain yogurt, no mayonnaise... I like it better that way ... but my family like the thicker version.... as described in the recipe tracker)

The Spring rolls veggie version are only 87 cal/ serving and less than 2gr of fat... She add in mine tofu! Yummi!!!

And last night I made a Ham and Pineapple Hot Sandwich. An easy way to turn left over into a quick week night dinner.


I am very happy with my progress. Since the April 14, I am in range.... as a matter of fact, I am tracking everyday and at time I have to find something to eat! This week was In range and check for Fat... I think I did very good, eating healthy fat (avocado, nuts ...)... ok I had perogies... but still I was in the low range of fat... and I personally think I need some fat to maintain an healthy body and sustain my training.

I am back training and following a training plan! I even printed my schedule and I am recording my daily progress on it. I love having a program - it is like a prescription! When I don't feel like doing it, I go for it because it is on my program! It works for me...

I am looking forward to the weekend. The past few months, weekend were an excuse to go off track. This weekend, I will follow my plan and Rise and Shine .... and keep it going until sunset! I also have support: my daughter Maggie joined me and she is really trying to find healthy opportunity. She was very proud of sharing her dinner and taking this picture too!!!
Veggies, Flatbread and Falafel.

... and I like my comfort food once in a while too, like Jeff's Old Fashion Meatloaf.

Have a great weekend Sparkfriends! emoticon and a emoticon to RUNNER4LIFE08 - I will be thinking of you during your HM!!!

P.S. If you try any of my recipes, please let me know what you think...
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