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Thursday Night Joy

Friday, April 26, 2013

In retirement, I consider Thursday to be my BIG DAY. This week I went to the dentist at 9 a.m., but he didn't seem to find many answers to my toothache. He did some hot and cold tests, but could see nothing on the x-ray. He did a "desentisizing treatment" on two of the teeth, the third one, which might be the problem, "might need a root canal." Today I'm thinking that is the tooth that hurts, but will probably wait now until Monday and see how I do over the weekend--hoping I'm not in agony for 3 days!

When I got home, son & I took Lola on a long walk. Finally, we are getting Spring in Nebraska! It got to 70 yesterday and even though the wind was blowing, it was a great day for a walk. Hope we can get back out there today--but it's going to be another BIG day--more about that later.

Lola is definitely Chris's dog. I am third place with Lola, at our house. After Chris, Lola loves Du, and if nobody else is home, she will pay some attention to me, but she absolutely adores Chris. The feeling is mutual.

Later I went and picked up my Amber for dance class. Recital is coming up June 9, so all the work and talk is now focused on that. It's a BIG deal. They have to wear their hair in buns, and we had to get them plain black leotards to wear under their little Cookie Monster costumes, along with caramel-colored tights. They are supposed to wear make-up, (they're 3 years old--what is this? Toddlers & Tiaras?), and they are supposed to look fantastic (full hair, make-up and costume) for rehearsal the day before because that is when pictures will be taken. TWO DAYS of this? HOLY COW? What did I sign up for? Of course there's a price tag on everything--got the "packet" last night, we can buy a videotape for only $30, and of course order each girl fresh flowers, and then there's the pictures, and the new tights and leotard. It all adds up. At least their moms & dads did sell cookie batter as a fund raiser earlier this year, so their actual dresses are paid for. It was hard to resist cookie batter, but I didn't buy any of it. I don't even want that stuff around my house, but evidently their co-workers were cooperative, because they both sold more than the minimum required! Thanks kids!

After dance, it was McDonald's as usual. the girls love playing in the Playland there after they eat their Happy Meals. Then I met my family (after their bowling league) at a local restaurant. We went to a Mexican place last night. Due to my sore mouth last night, eating chips & salsa was just painful so it wasn't even a temptation. I knew everything on the menu would just hurt and was just going to order a side of beans and rice, until Du said I could just eat the beans and rice that came with his combo meal, which I did. They were soft and tasty, and the scale is down half a pound this morning. If it didn't hurt so much, I would suggest toothache as a good weight loss method. JK!

Now for today's activity....Du & I have a standing Friday lunch date. Since son is home he will come along, and then we are going to Chris's friend's funeral. This young man was only 26, and son has been talking a lot about his memories of him the last few days. I remember losing friends who were my age back when I was young and it really scares and affects you. All of a sudden, you realize life is not forever, you are NOT invincible and people die. I'm not wearing make-up as I know my tears will be flowing.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • KAREN608
    Thanks for sharing your life with us.
    I've lost some back teeth and don't miss them
    a bit. I did have a root canal on a pointy tooth
    near front
    - but broke off in a year (guess my root was not
    good?) so the over thousand dollars didn't save my
    dear tooth I wanted. But if your teeth are strong, go for
    it, it wasn't that bad to have done. Modern dentistry
    really is good!
    1693 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Chris - CUTE, Lola - CUTE....that is a whole lotta cuteness. Sorry to hear about your tooth. I detest dental pain and dental tests and dental procedures and dental bills. (oops, sorry about the dental rant). I hope it is relatively simple and they figure it out quickly and fix it the first time. Oh, yes, I have many memories of dance recitals and all the time and energy and money for those few ADORABLE moments on stage - I sure don't regret any of it, though. Here is a tip - make sure those little cuties are wearing comfy undies - at that age they tend to spend time adjusting anything uncomfortable, even when lots of eyes and cameras are upon them. When my daughter was that age, and dancing in recitals, the teachers main instructions to the girls was "don't pick anything when you are on stage!" That always made me laugh. emoticon
    1696 days ago
    Thanks for the peek into your life. Loved all the pictures, but especially Chris and Lola; talk about puppy love! emoticon
    1696 days ago
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    1696 days ago
  • DOODIE59
    Those are very beautiful photos of some very fabulous people you've posted:) I do love the pic of Lola lolling on Chris's shoulder -- haha!! I hope you have a weekend as nice as the Thursday you had:)
    1696 days ago
    Sounds great have a good weekend!
    1696 days ago
    emoticon Nice blog and hope that you have a good weekend! And I love the dog emoticon
    1696 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    So a toothache is good for something, right? Hope it doesn't but you all weekend. I saw on FB today the beautiful drawing on the NU campus-have you seen it? As for the dance makeup on 3 yr olds-yes they do wear it and it is heavy makeup but they all love it (well, maybe not the boys LOL). It does make them look better onstage unless you're really close to the stage.
    1696 days ago
    emoticon Nice blog hope your month gets better
    1696 days ago
  • CC3833
    Very nice pics! Sounds like you had a great day. Hope this weekend is just as nice!
    1696 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Have you been clenching your jaw? Or have you been grinding your teeth in your sleep? If they can't see anything wrong with your mouth there are other things that can be going on. When I'm under stress I clench my teeth in my sleep. Jaw pain can also be an indication of heart problems. Hopefully, it's something the dentist can fix!

    Look at how big Lola has gotten!

    I've heard that dance class can be expensive when you add performances, but the kids are so cute and it's a good experience, isn't it?
    1696 days ago
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