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Tracking Happiness

Friday, April 26, 2013

I signed up for the happiness survey that KALIGIRL blogged about, and am now 58% complete, with 29 samples. I don't have screen prints for y'all, having some technology issues here at home, but the partial results have been instructive.

One thing I have observed that they don't ask about is "How irritated are you that I interrupted to ask just now?" I found THAT happening particularly when I was truly in the middle of stuff. I also found that even the act of making me THINK about whether I was happy could affect my happiness, either as a positive or a negative!

That said, some interesting bits: the most unhappy I got was about 50% (i.e. neutral), and that was on a hurried break, getting coffee before a work meeting I was feeling anxious about. Apparently when I feel anxious I don't consider myself happy.

As for happiness and "what are you doing?" That showed that I reported less than 100% during mostly working activities, reporting specific ones that it irritated me I was being asked right now, but some were genuine I wasn't feeling wonderful doing what I was doing. "In a meeting" was one of my lower ones... but even my lower ones were more than 75% towards extremely happy.

Interesting observation on the samples: I dipped to my least happy (about 75%) on Wednesdays, Thursday (82%) and Friday (80%)... showing I was getting worn down as a work week progressed. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were 100% days!

The times they asked whether I have to, want to, or both have to and want to do whatever it is I'm doing? Interestingly, I'm happiest when I both have to and want to... can we say "responsible adult"?

Level of focus or where I was (home, work, in a car, somewhere else)... didn't seem to have an impact. I was pretty happy focussed or not, and the two lower ratings of happiness, I was 100% focused.

I was 100% happy outside... every time! Alone or with people, didn't seem to matter, came out about the same. Size of number of people interacting with... slightly happier with just one, but pretty happy both. As for WHO talking with... my lowest ones (about 90%) were work folks (boss or coworkers).

Productivity was VERY interesting: my lowest ratings of happiness were when I was NEUTRAL level of productivity, neither completely unproductive (I was 100% happy then, nor highly productive (I was much happier then).

I told Becky last weekend I didn't think I'd find any surprises in this survey... but now, I'm not so sure.

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