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Me time!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

This weekend I'm going to have some ME time. I know I took some as a young mother, an hour with no children to take a bath, grocery shop or visit a friend. Sometimes, I would go down to my church and spend a little time praying or helping clean on a Friday, sans children. Even when we had our babysitting co-op some of our group would go bowling, to a movie, meet their hubby for lunch or some such activity. This crazy lady volunteered at the middle school library.
After Erik's accident I really did not have much me time. A friend of mine insisted that I join her at another of her friend's cabin in the mountain. Erik was still in the hospital at the time for rehabilitation, and I was as anxious as a cat on a hot tin roof. But I did get to share my angst with my friends and for the most part got some much needed rest.

Last spring I treated my self to a silent retreat at the Ignatius House near Atlanta. Erik's older brother and sister made sure that all of Erik's needs were met, and shared "custody" over that weekend. I was still uptight with end of the school year stresses, but I managed to regroup spiritually, emotionally and physically ( I rested more and I walked the grounds quite a bit.) Friday evening I'm leaving for another silent retreat, I'm so looking forward to it. Some of my closest friends cannot believe I can manage to be quiet from Friday after dinner until Sunday lunch-but I can and I love it. The quiet, the introspection, reflection and opportunity to just marvel at nature was what I needed and what I believe I need some more of.
I've spoken to the retreat director about some who felt it absolutely necessary to talk during this SILENT retreat last year, actually I was asking how to cut them off w/o talking myself.
Now, I need to work on what I eat as well, I gained weight last year-they feed us so well.
Please keep me in your thoughts, I'll be praying for each of my SFs. If I said I'd pray for you I'll be holding you up more this weekend.
I need a total break. Steven & Lisa will be sharing Erik again this weekend, and Lisa will be bringing Erik up to my DIL's Sprinkle Sunday and I'll get Erik there.
Friday I'll go to Jazzercise, pack my bags, finish the gifts for the Sprinkle and help Erik pack. When Steven gets here, I'll leave for some peace and quiet and my only responsibility will be to be there for the lectures and not talk. So I'll be off line from Friday afternoon through Sunday. Erik and I will have a mini vacation from each other.

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