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Weight loss goals... are they realistic?

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What would you think concerning someone who comes into a hospital badly injured with a leg broken in three places and states that they will heal by such and such a date so they can make it to some long anticipated event? We would tell that person to put those plans on ice. They need to heal and we’d tell them that it might not happen according to their preferred timeline. Within ourselves, we would basically say that that person needs a serious reality check. That individual is NOT in control of the process. All the doctors can do is stabilize the patient and create the environment for healing to take place. Outside of that, all they can do is let nature take its course.

If this is so obvious in the physical, then why do we try to beat our bodies into
submission to meet some ''I’m gonna lose XXX pounds by XXX date'' goal, then
beat ourselves up because we couldn’t make ourselves do it?

Can we truly control exactly how much our bodies can shed by a certain time? Like the doctors in the hospital, all we can do is create the environment for our bodies to find that balance, shed the excess pounds and get healthy. After that, all we can do is maintain that environment and allow the body to fix itself on its own timeline. Anything more than this is strictly brute force methodology and is doomed to failure. What are we looking for? The quick fix or a long term solution? If you have to do something crazy and extreme to get a result, logic states that you will have to maintain that extreme to keep it.

Create the environment for a healthy life through proper nutrition and exercise, be consistent, then just let it unfold.

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