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How to and NOT to Zumba

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Here is a story for ya…

Went home last night, had a little miscommunication with my bf. We were supposed to go on a walk/jog so I waited for him… and he didn’t get home until much later because of work. I was kind of miffed (You should have texted!) but we had dinner and I had a glass of wine, which evidently was an oversized one… anyways, after dinner I decided to FINALLY open my Wii Zumba that I have had since Black Friday and oddly not used yet. MAN – is that killer! I was sweating more than I have in a while, but I was having FUN! I love it! It says I burned like 258 calories for the short workout. Hey now?! I'm sure sober and for a medium/longer class it will be an excellent choice of workout!

Anyways, wine before zumba was a poor choice. I feel awful today. I am embarrassed. I barely ate anything for breakfast, had a salad for lunch, and I may ditch dinner and just go to bed. Wahhh.

A bird used my new car as a landing pad for poo, and the pollen is already covering every inch, so I may run a hose over it when I get home. Besides that – yuckkkk I want my bed.

Tomorrow night I am seeing my sister and playing bingo with some family. I have no idea what to expect. I don’t even know if I can ask to see her ring, which I know is expected of me to do, but I am still really struggling with the whole situation. They aren’t even talking June anymore as much as Memorial Day weekend for their “wedding” event. Great, take my first vacation weekend in six months, sure. It also started the whole “Awesome, four weeks to lose forty pounds and a dress” cycle in my head… although I’m having a hard time picturing how pictures will be done when it will pretty much be nothing but a courthouse wedding. Maybe I will just show up with my new camera, offer those skills as a “wedding present” and avoid being in any photos.

Sorry, I’m a bit grumpy mcgrumperson today. I think I will go now. Bye
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    I can't wait till everything isn't covered in pollen. UGH I am so tired of constantly cleaning it off everything. That is really quick to be getting married. Wow. Since it's so informal I wouldn't feel pressured to fit into any certain dress, at least that is my opinion.
    1789 days ago
    i often have to adjust my diet before an intense exercise. I want to avoid alcohol, heavy foods or large portions. especially if i do ab work.
    1790 days ago
    I'm sorry to be laughing, but you have to admit that drunk Zumba is a funny image!

    Hope you feel better by the time you read this!
    1790 days ago
    Hang in there and don't sweat the small stuff.
    1790 days ago
  • TIFFA409
    I am sorry about the hangover, never easy to admit to! Get lots of fluids and maybe some ibuprofen? I am also sorry about your Memorial Day weekend being ruined! Although you just completely reinforced my fiance and my decision to NOT have our wedding on Memorial Weekend next spring. We don't want to be THAT couple that steals one of people's only paid days off all year and forces them to do something that could just as easily happen any other weekend. I hope tomorrow is a much better day for you!!!
    1790 days ago
    I had a sister in law once that I had the same sort issues with--once these things get under your skin, it's hard to just let go. I feel for you. I hope you can get through the "special day" alright, lol.

    Congrats on getting a workout in on the Zumba game--even if wine was involved! I have two of the Zumba games (not sure if there's more since it's been a while since purchasing the second one). They're so fun and a surprisingly great workout! My only criticism isn't really with the game but with the limitations of Wii--I don't like having to contend with the belt. On me it slips/moves around a bit and I have to continually readjust it. Makes me wish I could put a velcro patch on the remote and then attach it to some special designated velcro'd "zumba pants", lol.

    1790 days ago
  • SUMMER2203
    ok a). girl, feel you on the wine -- i wasnt even planning on drinking last night, and then i went out w my boyfriend and had too much wine (and then got in like our first fight...blahhh). so was not feeling 100% today. b). FEEL you on the wedding thing -- my best friend is getting married to a dude that she just met a month ago in like a whirlwhind romance! i like the guy, but i do not support her decision, and i am finding it impossible to deal with the situation! i plan to shower, eat a salad, and get in bed haha.
    1790 days ago
    dont stress out about your sister
    1790 days ago
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