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Numbers Game

Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am wondering what it is about numbers on the scale that impact my eating.

Recently, I reached a number range that I have not been close to in years.
I was happy.
I made great plans to continue and tried to calculate if I were able to keep it up, where I would be by a target summer date.
I commented that I need to be careful and not think this, while great, milestone was reached, that I was in the clear.
I knew I needed to be diligent and careful and not "slip".

Though... I knew I also had started to slip and instead of allowing myself one cheat day, it easily slipped into a weekend which spilled into 4 days of un-diligent eating.

I stopped doing the things that were proving successful for me.

I stepped on the scale today and thought that I must have left my winter boots on before I stepped on the scale. No, that wasn't it....

Why was I sabotaging myself?
Wasn't I really ready to lose weight?
I was feeling so good about myself, why did I let it slip?

My clothes are not necessarily fitting better, my energy level is about the same. The only thing different was that I was aware of what the number was. WHY did that knowledge loosen my resolve?

Any thoughts Sparklings?

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  • v JLDACQ
    Like InspiredMama said, I think it's the diet mentality kicking in, and not the healthy lifestyle changes that are taking over your brain. This isn't easy, changing our lives enough to be able to lose, and maintain, weight.

    In my early days of lifestyle changes, I kept mostly on track by asking myself one question: "If I were diabetic or had high cholesterol/blood pressure TODAY, would I eat/do this?" If the answer is yes, then I have to decide how much of it to eat. If it's no, well.... I can put on a good pouty face like nobody's business.

    My brain works best on logic, and I've had to logically talk my inner perfectionist into shutting the hell up. :-D Repeatedly. And especially since October.

    I'm wondering if you're unable to do again "the things that were proving successful for me" because your life situation has changed, and now you need to adapt to a new normal. ("New normal" is becoming a mantra for me these last few months.) The way I ate 4 years ago when I started Sparking and lost weight isn't going to work for me now, because I've changed so many other parts of my eating patterns. That said, I still love crackers & fat free dip. I just can't eat a whole sleeve and a small tub and still lose weight now. So that's the mechanics.

    And then there are trigger foods, and that's not mechanics, that's head trippin'. I recently made some cookies at home, thinking I could eat just one every day, and put the rest in the freezer. Within 24 hrs, 48 cookies never made it to the freezer. I can't control how I react to cookies, that's in my head. Cookies are not allowed in my house until I either can better stay away from them, or the guest who brought them is taking the rest home. And that's just one food.

    Think about how you're going about your weight loss this time... but don't think too long, or you'll get stuck in thinking mode. Make a plan, a reasonable one, and try to follow it for a whole week. If you succeed, do it a second week, and keep that streak going. If you don't make it to the end of the week, or the streak seems too hard to keep up, change it.

    And finally, remember to thank yourself daily for making healthy changes to your life. You'd be surprised how well you can stay on your plan when you re-affirm that this is what you want to do, to be who you want to be.

    1218 days ago
    Unfortunately, I too often allow the number on the scale to dictate how I will "feel" about myself. I need to stop that. The scale is not a god. We need to take away it's power. We must also be honest with ourselves & stay on track. Less cheats & more feats!
    1224 days ago
    I don't think it's a matter of being ready to lose weight my dear. You ARE ready, that's why you are here and that's why you care about backsliding! It's always easiest to rely or fall back onto what we know best, even if it keeps us broken and bruised. It's comfortable and doesn't require effort. Sometimes we are even consciously aware that what we are doing is counterproductive! Those shadows of selves past whisper "what's the harm in one more indulgent day? you only live once...why not savor a few things?" Those are the voices of the starving fat cells who want to multiply! What else happened in this period of time that may have triggered a need for the reckless abandon of a food frenzy? Was there any compliments that had a jab attached like "you look fantastic, who would have ever thought you could actually accomplish losing weight"? or maybe news about an ex or some other emotional trigger that wasn't overtly presented? We sabotage ourselves for so many reasons! Perhaps by putting the expectation of a short time frame along with your specific number your inner perfectionist freaked out! It no longer becomes a journey for your ultimate health with the bonus of weight loss. That narrow time frame makes it weight loss at all costs without margin for error. If you don't meet that summer goal then you have somehow failed. That's self imposed pressure!

    The wonderful side to this whole thing is that you are a determined woman. That is evident by your desire to understand and overcome! Realize that your are not defined by a number. Remember sister of my heart....this is about your health and longevity. It takes as long as it takes, summer, not summer,'s about releasing the inner sparkling being that YOU are inside and having the outside mirror that glow...regardless of the transitional number!

    I'm not sure if I helped but you know me....I always have something to say ;)

    Keep sparkling!
    1224 days ago
    I don't know what that is, but it happens to me ALL THE TIME.

    I get close to my "lowest" weight and I "celebrate" all the way up to a weight that is uncomfortable, even if it is just 4-5 pounds higher. SLOWLY I am inching my way down, but it's ridiculous -- I've been on Spark since 2009 and I only had 40-45 pounds to lose.

    Can we say "SELF SABOTAGE"?

    So I have no insights or solutions, just sympathy..... emoticon
    1224 days ago
  • v TATTER3
    What will happen to the me I am now if I lose and don't know me????will I be accepted?
    1224 days ago
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