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Another sunset at the beach...and downer Debby friend..yes her REAL name is Deb!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

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After some 20+ years of Florida living I'm finally getting the hang of enjoying what we came here for! The beach...especially the beach at sunset...that's BEFORE the no see ems' decend on you with their flying bi~cuspids! Those little babies are vicious! They can give you a bite that makes you remember the bad experience for days! I smother them with clear nail polish.

Last night we went to Coconut Jacks and I had peel and eat shrimp and a cup of Manhattan Clam Chowder. We met our friends Richard and Debby. Richard is my hubs all time best friend from school, college and the fire department back in Iowa. You know firemen...bonded for life.

Debby is his wife of almost five years. She is a nice enough person, but certainly very different than anyone I've ever known before.

She was left quite well off from the sale of a garbage business in a divorce that left her tons of money and she has a good head for business so she's invested it and done well even on her own.

Here's the deal...people with money..even money that they might never have come up with on their own accord are different than people like the hubs and I.

We started out with zip and were totally self made, had plenty of money that we thought would just continue to roll in forever.. went through rough business times and made some stupid trusting business investments with unscrupulous people and ultimately lost our shirts.

I say easy come, easy go...but obviously being well off is a goal that I am working hard to get back to.

I'd also say a buck off the high falutin' money horse just makes you a bigger and absolutely wealthier human because you have learned what it is to have compassion for others. Deb has a lot to learn in compassion school.

Not to say that there aren't wealthy people out there that are good humanitarians...but most of them ALWAYS have an eye on the tax write offs for that gallantry. Been there..seen it.

Once you've realized that the world really DOESN'T revolve around you and your wants and needs you can get out of your own way and start looking around at the dismal mess of the world we live in and start reaching out your hand in the intent to help others.

Soooo last night on the beach I was telling Debby about a friend of mine that had told me that things might get really rough for the stock market and our economy in general 6/21/13.

I'm not an alarmist..but I do pay attention to smart people when they tell me things that could make a difference in my life and the life of our business.

June 21st marks the end of the 40 year petro~dollar deal that President Nixon made with the then Prince of Saudi Arabia to offer U.S. intervention if necessary to protect their oil fields from Russia and China if they should ever attempt to exploit them. This was in exchange for the agreement that they only accept ANY monies for the sales of his oil in U.S. dollars.

That made all the other countries scramble to sell goods cheap to the United States to gain U.S. dollars to put in their coffers to purchase their most prized and necessary commodity...oil. We got goods from all over the world as Americans benefiting from this deal dirt cheap.

But..according to this VERY smart friend June 21st will kiss that sweet deal goodbye and our good ole US dollar will lose tremendous value as other countries are now able to purchase their oil in their own currencies. If they no longer need our dollars they will bypass us in their oil purchases and hike up the price of their imports.

I don't claim to know the whole in's and outs of this scenario I was just making idel conversation about how I was actually happy we didn't have big money in the stock market because it suddenly could tank and tank big time.

Oooppss struck a nerve with Deb who gets out of bed, pees and plunks herself down in front of her computer to do her 'stock portfolio' first thing. That's BEFORE coffee, before shower, before getting dressed. emoticon She is quite pleased that the market seems to be doing better now and of course I'm pleased for her.

Now WHY didn't I remember this? I know her routine from when we've stayed with them on vacations back to Iowa? DUH!

We might not get invited back again...she really got offended over this little nugget of information I shared. I mean offended WAY out of whack!

Deb said..."Wow aren't YOU a Debby Downer..I prefer to see the glass half full."

So to volley back at me...she started in on the cracker house that I've been so enthralled with as of late. Wouldn't you know it...they were the one couple that I told about the house...mostly because I don't really have many topics of conversation with Deb and I was super excited about the house that we had just seen that day.

I DO know better...it's just wise to keep any dreams and hopes under the cuff with ANY of our fleshie friends....even in spite of the fact that we've known most of them for 20+ years. They are all quite well off and just don't GET the little guys struggles or views of the world.

The conversation was..."well I have the money that I could just buy that house outright...but I'd never take the deal you are offering. It just isn't enough money down and the payments monthly are no where NEAR enough on a monthly basis! Why would anyone do that? They just want to sell it outright and get their investment back and move on. Why would they ever give anyone a 5 year balloon when they could go in and trash the place?"

Wow emoticon that was an 'in your face' blaster~roo! This sunset scene wasn't nearly the calming evening I had earlier had in mind!

I said.."Well...the house is overpriced for the area..they over improved it...its been on the market for almost a year..and actually I think they are getting the sweeter end of the deal with the amount of $$ we would put forward and an entire year of payments paid up front. Their percentage of interest paid would be a WHOLE lot better than any bank or your sweet stock market.. for that matter.. would ever return. emoticon Sorry..but when someone lets me have it between the eyes..I can't curb my sarcasm....they get it back...no matter WHO they are.

"AND...I truly doubt that business owners with over 30 years in the community would ever be the one's to trash a place. Have you had bad luck in the past with renters?"

I was thinking...or have YOU trashed a place and that's why this is the first thing that pops in your head! Just sayin'...

Oh boy..things got quiet from that point forward. As I say..Deb is different than any type of gal friend I've ever had and the only reason that we have any relationship is because of the hubs.

It was an interesting and somewhat uncomfortable evening.

And...I leave with DEBBY DOWNER...take a look in the mirror! Geeze oh Pete..aggravated I am! emoticon

Thank goodness I had that peel and eat shrimp as dinner BEFORE this silly conversation it might have been a whole lot unhealthier later on! emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DS9KIE
    wow wee what a crazy person to be around
    1760 days ago
    I hope you didn't smack her harder than you had to! What an unpleasant woman.

    Interesting info about the US $
    1761 days ago
    (((Hugs my friend)))) What a #####! Oh you must have been gritting your teeth. I find now i cant stand being around anyone so negative and not compassionate. Its all about being kind and loving to each other. Life is too short to be a pain in the ass.
    Take care !!!!!
    1762 days ago
    LOL, Maybe you should have titled this blog, "Another Sunset at the Biotch"?

    1763 days ago
    Always interested in the business of oil. Sorry you and Deb managed to fling news that only served to throw stones. For the sake of your hubs, I hope this relationship is not too damaged.
    1763 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/26/2013 9:58:33 AM
    It's always a surprise to me when a person can turn on a dime and be mean as a snake, offering "advice" or their "opinion" in a hostile and insulting manner. Shut up already. I've had it with rude people, but I am not going to counter it with more rudeness.
    1763 days ago
    She sounds pretty negative... and boy do I detest being around those types. Kudos to you for the great comeback. emoticon
    1764 days ago
    Geeze! What a biotch! I must say that you were nicer than I ever would have been. Glad you aren't a "SNIOP" as Zig Ziglar would say! (Susceptible to the Negative Influences of Other People) - I don't care how good a friend that man is to "the hubs" - having to put up with that woman is cruel and unusual punishment! emoticon
    1764 days ago
    Sounds like she never learned to enjoy a sunset and a good meal. I wonder does she read good books with real conversations. emoticon
    1764 days ago
    I suspect this particular Deb is short a few important genes, or her nerve synapses aren't synapsing very well. Some people just seem to be missing those aspects that I think make us human; like compassion, honest caring, real honor, empathy. People who are way too focused on themselves and their personal acquisitions may have a lot of Stuff, but if the doo-doo hits the fan in their lives, I fear they will find most of their "friends" have flown the coop. I prefer knowing that I earned what I have; that my friends are there because they like me and not because they're impressed by my total worth; that people respect me and say nice things about me behind my back. That's worth much more than Deb's stock portfolio will ever encompass.

    And yes, I am DEBI and I am NOTHING like this bee-yatch your hubby's buddy is married to. Keep fighting the good fight, my friend.

    1764 days ago
    1764 days ago
    Omg! Bobbie 's blog creacks me up she got more paintice of saint than I do ( listening to Debbie) emoticon

    Whhooo boy I hate that lady Debbie ( was she a rich snob?? The one has the money?? Or did I misinterpret her attuatide/ lifestyle???) please let me know..
    If she the rich type no offense to those rich people who helps out other people... Yay!! I meant those who are um...super selfish rich snobs... not understanding of people who are middle class who struggles in life.
    (personally I know too many to them .. ) emoticon

    I'm more of a cozy friendly artist opmitisic type emoticon So.... Anyone who critizes anyone because of differences ( roils my eyes) I politely walk away say " nice talking to ya"
    ( when in reality I wanted to scream, ( Warning Irish temper kicking in to Downer debbie--/Why the Thundering H--L say that for? You be nice to her never mind of your blasted opinions yeeshhh..." walking off in anger. ( not sure what Bobbie would think if she heard this). ( my writing mode kicked in whoops) emoticon emoticon

    1764 days ago
    emoticon Don't mess with Bobbi emoticon
    1764 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    I may have said this before, and if so, please forgive me (my brain is getting soft around the edges...along with the rest of me LOL) but I've been a millionaire and I've been on food stamps, and there's not a damned bit of difference. People who measure the worth of another by the thickness of his or her wallet are not likely to change their world view over dinner, so don't let them spoil yours (world view OR dinner!) emoticon

    Your house is wonderful - and we have a lot of the same plumbing fixtures. emoticon
    1764 days ago
    At times like that it's best to just remember to do your deep breathing to relax. I hope things get better for you and hubby! Enjoy your sunsets and your hubby!
    1764 days ago

    It is no fun to be around people that seem to suck the life out of you. The older I get the less I tolerate it. I think you feel the same way too.
    1764 days ago
  • ROZOZ68
    You have a lot more patience than I would have had with Downer Deb! Next time you sit and watch the sunset I hope it is much more pleasant!
    emoticon emoticon
    1764 days ago
    1764 days ago
    She couldn't be constructive, huh? I guess she took your "heads-up" as a personal attack! It's ok. Maybe your DH could hang out with his buddy 1 on 1 for awhile and let her cool off. Hope you got to at least enjoy the sunset.
    Yum, peel & eat shrimp!
    1764 days ago
    We put up with a lot of garbage so our husbands can remain close with their friends. She sounds like a peach.
    1764 days ago
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