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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What do you call an expert hypnotist?

A stare master.

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For how many years was the soap opera Guiding Light on radio and TV before it was cancelled in 2009?

72. The long-running soap started out on radio as a 15-minute dramatic series on January 25, 1937. It moved to television in 1952, and aired its last episode on September 18, 2009.

Most of the child cast members of The Cosby Show followed star and producer Bill Cosby’s rules: Show up on time and be respectful of adults. But Lisa Bonet, who portrayed daughter Denise, frequently showed up late, if she showed up at all. Bonet was massively popular with teen viewers, so Cosby put up with it … until Bonet made the movie Angel Heart in 1987, in which she played the underage love interest of Mickey Rourke’s character, and participated in graphic sex scenes. That was too much for Cosby, so he took Bonet off Cosby in a way that benefited him, too: He produced a spin-off, A Different World, depicting Denise at college. A year into the run of that show, however, Bonet got pregnant. Cosby fired her. She eventually returned to The Cosby Show, but again began showing up late for rehearsals. Cosby fired her for good this time. He didn’t even invite her back for the series finale in 1992.
(I remember hearing about all this - what an ungrateful girl. If I had the chance to act with Bill Cosby, I would be SO grateful!)
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